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Why We [Finally] Started A Young Living Business
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Why We [Finally] Started A Young Living Business

By March 21, 2019 April 21st, 2020 No Comments

It took us over 2 years to start our Young Living business.

But I really, really wish we started earlier, as we would be much closer to our dreams than we are now.

We were held back by fear, by doubt, and by a lack of understanding around the business model. But once we realized we had nothing to lose and everything to gain, we jumped in and couldn’t be more excited.

I hope this post can shed some light on the Young Living business model, why it’s such an awesome opportunity, and why it isn’t as scary or weird as people might think it is.

Once we moved passed our fears, we saw the 3 reasons this business model is awesome:

  1. It could help us follow our dreams.
  2. It’s a business built around serving others with products we love.
  3. It creates an amazing, supportive community of people.

If you are looking to make changes in your life in hopes of making enough money(or more than enough), doing work you love with products you can fully stand behind, in an amazingly supportive community, all the while growing personally and professionally, I encourage you to consider this business.

You just might realize that you are like us – nothing to lose and everything to gain 😉


Our Young Living Story – Hesitations, Fears and Possibilities

A couple years ago, I asked my husband if I should start selling essential oils, because I saw others on social media having success with it. Since I was starting to use oils at home, and believed in the power of social media, I thought it might be worth a shot.

Justin did some research, and after about 5 minutes he said NO. He thought it was a scam, that people are taken advantage of, that it’s a waste of money, and that nobody succeeds except for those who are already on the top.

That was after 5 minutes of being on Google…

So I let it go. About a year later, someone reached out to me about starting the business. Again I thought about it, talked to Justin, he did more research, and the answer was no again.

Not that he was forcing me not to, but he just thought it wasn’t a great opportunity and our business building efforts should be spent elsewhere.

So after about ANOTHER year, in January 2019, I told Justin I was starting a Young Living business, and he didn’t need to participate, or even support me. I was just going to do it.

He said okay. Do whatever you want 🙂 Hopefully it works out for you.

So I got my Starter Kit.

After a few weeks of getting familiar with everything, having conversations with people in my upline, and seeing the incredible amounts of support, optimism and fun being had with this business, Justin was solddd and totally on board.

“I had zero experience with network marketing. I didn’t know any network marketers. All I saw were a few complaints of people on forums, as well as the general population’s perspective that network marketing was weird.

As people often do, I adopted the same mindset without fully understanding(or caring to learn) about the industry.”

Coming On Board

But like I said, after a few weeks, he was completed supportive and wanted to do anything he could do to help build this thing with me.


There were 2 reasons he came on board:

1 – He saw the insane potential to build the life we have been dreaming about for the last 6 years together.

2 – He understood that the business model is all about helping others, not necessarily about “selling” or scrambling to get to the top.

Once he saw the whole picture, about what a Young Living business could be for us, and for others, it was a no brainer.

(Another reason we were okay starting this business was because it’s such an inexpensive business to start. All you need to do is spend a minimum of $100/month on products to qualify for earning commissions.

Considering we tried to open a coffee shop and wasted over $10,000 and 14 months of our life, this was an easy financial decision 😉

Dreams, Dreams And More Dreams

It wasn’t the fact that Young Living is an amazing company(though we believe it is) or that the work itself sounded super fun(some is, some isn’t), it was what the business could empower us to do and to be, that inspired us.

We have dreams of being a totally free and flexible family.

A Young Living business can empower us to

  • Do work we love with products that we stand behind.
  • Work how we want – working from home on our own schedule.
  • Be anywhere – whether we are home in Michigan or traveling to Florida or Thailand, we can continue running our business with our computer and our phone.
  • Make more than enough money to pay our bills, so we can start saving, investing and living!
  • Give us the foundation we need to start other businesses and projects that we are hoping to start.
  • Focus more time on raising our family as well as fostering and adopting.

We are big dreamers(Justin mainly, but it rubs off on me to). We have so many hopes and dreams, not just for our future, but for our present. Not just for us, but for others around the world.

We aren’t ones to settle. We are very grateful for the life that we have, but at the same time, we have a strong desire to pursue more.


We dream of a life where we can focus on our family with our time, energy and resources. We hope to continue in foster care and to eventually adopt one or more children.

We hope to travel the world with our kids and give them experiences that will impact the rest of their life. We hope to give them a bigger perspective.

We long for the flexibility to make quick decisions –

  • Wedding in another country? We’ll be there.
  • A family member is sick or has died in another state? Of course we can visit next week.
  • Meet a friend for brunch at 11 am on a Tuesday? Sure!

We want “our work” to fit around our life, not our life to fit around a job.

We also don’t like winter(but live in the Midwest). We dream of being able to head south for the winter and avoid snow at all costs.

We long to be apart of something bigger. We hope to make the world a better place, to impact individual lives. We want to partner with people and organizations to help lift others out of poverty and fight human trafficking.

Justin has so many dreams of projects he wants to start. He hopes to start socially minded businesses that help as many people as possible with the money that is made. All while doing work that he loves and enjoys.

For some people, the Young Living business itself is the dream business. For others, it might be the foundation upon which you can build you dream business or project.

So, How Much Can Be Made with The Young Living Business Opportunity?

Once we started to see that a Young Living business could actually empower us to live the life we want, we took a look at the Young Living income disclosure statement.

This shows how much money is made by the average person that reaches each rank, the percentage of Young Living members that reach that rank, and how long it typically takes them to get there.

We looked through the lens of the optimist and imagined the possibilities.

Star and Senior Star

Somewhere between Star and Senior Star, I could at least have all of my essential oils paid for. At the very least, my husband wouldn’t complain about how I am spending/wasting money each month. I could continue trying new products, making our home happier and healthier.


Considering it only costs $100/month in product orders to run the business, I can essentially have my business costs covered early on. This is a massive draw to this business. It’s just not expensive like most business models.


At Executive, the average person earns about $500 a month. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot. But for us, at least when we got started, that was a big deal. We weren’t making much money (read: living paycheck to paycheck).

This could cover our grocery bill every month. Or help us pay off our medical bills faster.

Even if it took 1-2 years to get to this level, what if it meant you could cover your groceries every month for the foreseeable future? I’d be interested!


I went into this business thinking, if I could just reach Silver within a couple of years, this would all be worth it.

My husband is a numbers guy. He knows exactly how much money we need each month for our basic expenses. Currently about $3,000 (after tax).

If I was making $2,000 each month with my Young Living business (average Silver income), that would be ⅔ of our needed income every month! That’s a big deal, considering I have always been a stay-at-home mom.

This would alleviate so much pressure in our lives and give us much more flexibility than we currently have. This, combined with my husbands income, is more than enough to keep us in the clear each month, to pay off our debt fast, and start working towards financial independence.


When I started the business, I had no intention of reaching Gold (or anything beyond). It seemed too lofty, too out of reach. Sure, there are people that do it, but I am not one of them, nor do I need to be.

But after only months of being in this business, my mind has changed completely. I fully believe that I (and anyone else who is committed), can reach this level (if they put in the time and work required, of course).

And what if we did? Considering our monthly expenses are only $3,000, and our desired income level is $5,000, we would both be able to stop doing work that we don’t want to do, stop working jobs just to pay the bills, and start living the life we want!

Sure, it will take time every day to continue growing our business. But now it doesn’t have to be a side hustle. Now Young Living can be our main thing. Now we can have a whole lot more time and energy to build things that matter, to spend time with our family and to pursue our dreams.

At Gold, we could quit our jobs for good. Justin could spend his time building the business that he actually wants to build and find total fulfillment in that.

We could travel whenever we want, for however long we want, because we don’t have to go to work. We just need a computer and a phone, and we can continue running and building this thing!


At Platinum, we are moving far beyond what we need to live a comfortable, enjoyable life.

We could do things like buy our dream house (or even have it built). We can comfortably travel the world at our own pace.

But it can also start changing the world. At Platinum, we are moving into the impact phase.

If we only need $5,000 each month for our own family, the extra $5,000+ on top of that can be invested into our future. It can be given to people in need. It can be loaned to hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world working their way out of poverty through Kiva.org.

It can be used to grow our church’s impact, fund other people’s dreams and business ventures, and support organizations that are bringing real change into this world.

Diamond, Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond

At this stage in our lives, any of these average incomes are beyond our comprehension. If the average diamond makes $35,000 per month, that would be $420,000 per year. An average Royal Crown Diamond could be making $144,000 per month, which is $1,728,000 per year.

Anyone who reaches the rank of Diamond or above could retire very, very soon!

And while we don’t just want to retire and sit on the beach for the rest of our lives (though there is nothing wrong with that, and we would love to sit on beaches sometimes), we want the freedom to work on things because we want to and feel called to, not because we have to in order to pay the bills.

It would just give us the choice to spend our lives how we want. And that freedom is incredible. It’s something most people will never experience.

(Once again, please read through the Young Living income disclosure statement above)

Residual Income > Linear Income

But one of the best parts about the Young Living business model (and network marketing in general), is that the income that you build is residual income. That means it will keep on coming. It will build over time.

A traditional job, even in sales, says that if you do the work one time, you get paid one time. If you want to get paid again, you need to work again. This is linear. Your income is based on your time.

In network marketing, and other residual income based efforts, you do the work once, and continually get paid long into the future.

So by reaching one of these ranks, you could stop working altogether and likely continue making a lot of money for years and years.

You could also take much of the money you are making and invest it into other assets, such as rental real estate, index funds or starting or investing in businesses.

Building residual income streams like this are going to be your best retirement strategy, as the traditional retirement strategy is totally flawed, though that’s a topic for another day 😉


A Business That Serves Others

While there are so many reasons that we are motivated to build this business – to empower our dreams and build the life we believe we were created for – there is so much more to the opportunity than just us.

It’s all about serving others and helping people live better lives. That happens in 2 ways:

1 – By helping people to incorporate essential oils into their lives in order to live happier and healthier.

2 – By helping people see the Young Living business opportunity and how they can use it to build the life of their dreams.

Serving With Essential Oils

Everyday I get to talk about oils and the amazing benefits they have. I get to talk about which oils help to put my mind at ease, which oils help me and my toddler sleep better, which oils help with
all. the. things.

I get to swap out toxic products in my home with natural, oil infused products and encourage others to do the same. 

I get to hear people’s stories and problems and give them products that I believe will help them.

Serving With The Business Opportunity

And I get to share an amazing opportunity to help them follow their dreams by pursuing this business model!

Justin and I have a particular passion, not only to follow our own dreams (which are plentiful), but to help other people follow their dreams. We believe the world would be a much better place if the greater population actually followed their dreams rather than settled.

Not only would people be happier and more fulfilled, but problems would get solved! So many people have dreams of helping others, taking care of orphans and widows, restoring the environment, starting businesses, helping refugees and so much more!

Imagine if more people had the time, energy and money to be able to focus on those things!

So the fact that Justin and I get to inspire and equip others to start a Young Living business in order to follow those dreams is extremely exciting and fulfilling.

Incredible Community

From the moment I signed up with Young Living and bought my Starter Kit, I was met with the craziest support and enthusiasm. I instantly felt welcomed into a community of people who shared my values.

In just a few months of being in this community, I have developed good friendships with people all over the country. We talk daily about our lives and about our business.

I have never felt alone. I have never felt like it was up to me to figure anything out for myself. There are always people there to answer your questions, to encourage you when you feel like you are stuck and to recommend products and resources.

All the resources that you could need in order to grow this business are available to you.

I am so happy to be apart of my team and to be in this community. I sure hope to see many of these people in person one day.

Building The Dang Thing

We wish we started earlier. But instead of being filled with regret, we are taking that energy and applying it to our business now. In a year, we are going to be so glad we started when we did. We are committed to making this thing happen, because we have the vision of what it could be.

If you are considering starting a Young Living business, just know that it definitely takes work.  It takes time. It takes perseverance. But it’s work that is worth the effort. You are building something you love. You are building your future and your dreams.

You are building something that has the potential to pay for for the rest of your life, all the while serving others. Yes, consider the risk. But also consider the risk of missing out on the opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming a Young Living member, joining an incredible team and starting this business, please reach out to me so I can answer any questions you might have!!

Message me on Instagram – @mama.jaeger

Send me an email – hello.mamajaeger [at] yahoo.com

Otherwise you can click below to sign up and get started! I can’t wait to meet you and help you in any way that I can! 🙂


Or check here for information on how to sign up – How To Get Started

Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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