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Use The Think Dirty App To Expose Toxic Products In Your Home
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Use The Think Dirty App To Expose Toxic Products In Your Home

By August 23, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

What we don’t know won’t hurt us is definitely hurting us. Luckily, the Think Dirty app is a free way of figuring out exactly what is harming us so we can get it out of our lives!

Everyday, we are using toxic products that our filling our homes and bodies with chemicals that we shouldn’t even come close to.

Everything from cleaning sprays, soaps, lip balms and everything in between is typically filled to the brim with chemicals that smell “great” but are quietly destroying our health. 

But there’s so much hope! There are so many brands that are starting to make (and have been making) all natural products made from plants that actually work.

We don’t need to keep using toxic products. And by downloading and using this free app, we can begin to see what’s actually in the products we have been using our whole lives, WHY we should avoid those products, and what to get instead.

So whip out your phone (which you are probably already holding) and download the Think Dirty app here.

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Why Do we want to find toxic products?

Without being a doomsayer and talking about horrible news and statistics, it’s easy enough to say that many (most?) chemicals are harmful and can produce long lasting, negative effects in our bodies and minds.

Even if we are only exposed to small amounts of these toxic chemicals (such as a toxic household cleaner you only use once a week), it adds up to much greater exposure over time.

For example, if you spray your kitchen counters with a toxic cleaner, you are mostly exposed to it when you actually spray it and fill the air. This is probably a couple times a week, if not a couple times a day!

That alone is a lot of exposure to toxins. But you are probably touching the counters with your hands, as are your kids. You are placing food and dishes on the counter which you and your family will then put into your mouth.

And you can see how you are constantly exposing yourself to the chemicals used to clean your counter. This is everyday for years and years.

But if we have the basic knowledge of what is toxic, what to avoid and what to replace it with, we can create a MUCH cleaner home, and as a result, a much happier life 🙂

That’s where the Think Dirty app comes in handy.

You don’t have to be a scientist, an activist or anything else. By simply making yourself aware of certain products and brands, you can easily switch to healthier products that ACTUALLY clean and don’t fill your home with harsh chemicals!

What Is The Think Dirty App?

The Think Dirty app is an easy to use phone app that looks up the ingredients in thousands of household products and gives them a rating based on how harmful the ingredients are.

Without having any knowledge of the ingredients (or even being able to read them), you can have a very good idea of what is safe to use and expose your family to, versus what you should avoid at all costs.

Think Dirty Ratings

When you scan or look up an item in the app, you will instantly see the Think Dirty rating.

0-3 Green – “Product does not contain any ingredients which have a documented potential negative health impact.” 

4-7 Yellow – “Product’s ingredients have potential moderate negative long term health effects.”

8-10 Red – “Product’s ingredients have potential serious negative long term health effects.


So ideally, all the products in your home and life would be rated 0-3.

Here’s an example of the hand soap my parents always bought when I was growing up, and the hand soap we use in our home now: 


Soft Soap Handsoap


Seventh Generation Scentless Hand Soap
(See It Here)

But I bet if you went around and started looking up the products in your kitchen, bathroom and closets, you’d be surprised at how much red you find.

This app does not contain information for every single product and brand. At the time of writing, the app has reviews of 1,403,930 products. That sounds like a lot, but don’t be surprised when you scan an item you think is super popular, only to have 0 results. 


If a product has a rating, it will show all the ingredients and gives a rating to each ingredient. You can click on an ingredient to learn more.

This shows it’s scientific name, other names, what it’s used for, what the health impacts are, a deeper explanation and documented sources and research.

It usually shows other countries that have banned or limited the use of the ingredient, which I find hilarious when other Western nations like the UK and Canada ban things that good ol’ USA keeps consuming.


Other scientific names, what the ingredients are used for.


Health imapcts of specific ingredients, sources and warnings (below sources).

A note on fragrance

You’ll find many products where the only negative ingredient is “fragrance.” Because fragrance is a general term, and we don’t actually know the ingredients behind that term (companies do not need to disclose ingredients in fragrances due to “trade secrets,” though unfortunately these secrets harm us all).

But because most/all added fragrance is composed of toxic chemicals, Think Dirty assigns these products a score of 8. In general, if someone won’t tell you the ingredients of a product, avoid it. It’s never good. 

So you’ll often look up a brands “clean line” of products, which I think is funny. Anyways, most of the ingredients might be considered safe compared to their original line of products. But then you’ll see fragrance listed as an ingredient and the whole product receives a bad score.

It’s up to you at that point to determine if the fragrance makes the product worth avoiding altogether, even though all the other ingredients are fine.

For me, I would avoid it. Fragrance is a dark, harmful and ultra secretive industry that I want nothing to do with. Plus, it’s easy enough to find totally clean products these days using all natural scents from essential oils.

How to use the Think Dirty App

For many popular brands, you can simply scan the product using the app’s scan feature.

I usually just type in the brand name and scroll through the documented products within that brand. 

Both methods work great.

You can go through all the products you have in your home. You can also use the app when you are at the store. I use it when looking up products online (for example, the top selling products on Amazon to see what most people are using).

Think Dirty also offers suggestions of products to use instead of harmful products

You can also make lists of products that you want to try, products to avoid, and so forth.


Search for or scan products.


Looking up dirty products provides clean alternative suggestions.

What To Do With This Newfound Knowledge?

Well, hopefully you’ll take this knowledge and apply it. Make a list (mental or physical) of brands you want to avoid moving forward (typically all the biggest brands you’ve used your whole life, lol).

Then, make a list of what you want to replace those items/brands with.

There are a few ways of doing this.

The Non-Wasteful Approach

You can switch products as you use up your current stock (the slow and less overwhelming process). Rather than waste everything you currently have, use it all up over the next few weeks or months.

Once it runs out, simply buy a safer product that you’ve already researched. You have a better selection online rather than general grocery stores. When in doubt…Amazon!

Dump And Start From Scratch

If you are ready to just clean house all at once, you can dump everything and replace it all right away.

Find all the products you want to replace and research a clean and natural alternative. Place an order (probably on Amazon), and as soon as it arrives, toss the chemicals out!

While I typically do support wasting products and simply throwing them out or pouring them down the drain, this is an issue I can go either way on. If you can handle it, I’d recommend switching to all-natural products as fast as possible.

Why expose yourself and your family to these toxins any longer than you need to?

But when I actually did it, I made the switch slowly. So long as you take action, it doesn’t matter how go about it.

Room By Room

And for those who like to compartmentalize everything, you can go about it room by room. Take stock of what you have in each of these areas that you are interested in switching products:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Laundry Room
  3. Bathroom
  4. Cleaning Closet
  5. Beauty/Makeup Bag

Focus on just one section each week or month so you don’t overwhelm yourself (or your budget). 

Here are some specific products you should look into:

1- Kitchen
Dish Soap
Dishwasher detergent
Hand soap
Sink Cleaner/Soft Scrub
Stainless Steel Cleaner

2 – Laundry
Dryer Sheets
Stain Remover

Etc etc.

What Do You Replace The Products With

Depending on the product in question, there may be a bunch of different brands that provide a cleaner, safer version of the product.

In general, we love and use Young Living products and Seventh Generation products widely in our home.

Young Living

Essential oils in general have the ability to replace a bunch of toxins in your home (if you are willing to do some DIY product mixing using oils and other household ingredients).

They also have a few product lines that do all the work for you!

Thieves – their cleaning powerhouse product line that includes hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, sanitizer, all-purpose cleaner, fruit and veggie wash and much more! (I literally love and use all of it)

Learn more about getting started with Thieves. 

Savvy Minerals – their all-natural makeup line with a wide range of products!

Seedlings – baby products that are actually all natural (unlike big brands that say “baby safe”). Baby wipes, linen spray, shampoo, lotion and more!

They have a number of other products including bath soap, shampoo, lotion, body scrub, lip balm and literally so much more. 

Learn more about getting started with Young Living.

Seventh Generation

The Think Dirty App tends to recommend Seventh Generation products pretty frequently, because they have a lot of totally clean and natural products (most have a 0 rating).

We’ve been using their scentless hand soap in our home for years (my husband WILL NOT use anything else). It’s the only scent-less soap that’s actually scent-less!

I haven’t used all of their products (since we mostly use Young Living), but we love everything we’ve used so far.

Onto A Cleaner Life

Now that we have a tool in our pocket, there’s no excuse to stay in ignorance. Unfortunately, this ignorance is harming all of us.

The sooner we apply this knowledge and clean out our homes, the sooner we can breathe cleaner air and experience a whole and healthy life.

So get the app if you haven’t already. It’s a simple first step 🙂

Get the Think Dirty app here. 

Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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