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Getting Started With Essential Oils

Essential Oils - The Basics

Build a solid foundation with the basics! What are oils, how do you use them, and why are they beneficial? There’s so much to learn about essential oils and how they play a role in natural wellness.

Here are just a few posts to get you started:

Getting Started With Essential Oils

Once you have an idea of what oils are and you are ready to give them a shot, you need to know how to get them, as well as what to get!

We love the Young Living brand of essential oils and highly recomend them. Check out our Starter Kit post to see why. There are plenty other great brands to consider, just don’t buy generic oils from bix box stores! (they usually aren’t pure)

More Ways To Use Essential Oils

There are so many more ways of using essential oils than a diffuser or a roller bottle. You can use them in the car, on the go, while traveling. You can use them to clean, do laundry, and a million other things.

Here are some of our favorite ways to incoporate oils into our daily lives!

What Oils Should You Use?

Once you are ready to start using oils, you’ll need to learn which ones to use for what purpose. Most oils serve a variety of purposes. Here are some blends you can make, and oils to try fo different circumstances.

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