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6 Amazing Spring Diffuser Blends To Brighten Your Home
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6 Amazing Spring Diffuser Blends To Brighten Your Home

By March 23, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

Spring is almost here! We finally made it!

Living in the midwest is no joke. After 5 months of long, cold winter, we are so ready to get outside, to smell the fresh air again, to feel the sunlight on our skin.

And the best part is that using essential oils, you can begin bringing spring into your home before the flowers start to bloom with these fresh diffuser recipes.

There is no better way to get you in the mood for the new season than to get your home feeling light, airy and smelling amazing than with these spring essential oil diffuser blends!

Let’s take a look at some essential oil singles that are perfect for spring first. Then we will dive into crafting the best spring diffuser blends.

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The Best Spring Essential Oils

For those of us who have been stuck inside the house for the last few months, it can be hard to remember what the outside world even smells like.

But when you think of springtime, what to see? What do you smell?

Flowers. Lots of flowers. Coming up from the ground and blooming on the trees.

And rain! The sweet, comforting smell. Or better yet, how it smells when it has stopped raining and the sun is starting to come out to dry the rain.

Let’s take a look at the perfect, single essential oils for spring. Then we will look at how to combine these for the best spring essential oil blends!


Lavender smells very sweet and floral. You instantly feel comfortable and relaxed when you breathe in the aroma of fresh, pure lavender.

It promotes calm feelings and works to relieve tension and worried feelings. It can also work wonders on your skin.

Add a drop or 2 to lotion, shampoo, or even a warm bath(add some epsom salt too). Rub on your neck or feet before bed, or pair it with a relaxing massage in the evening.


Chamomile is another sweet and herbaceous essential oil. It also has notes of bright, juicy apples.

It has a warm and gentle aroma that can create a calm, relaxed atmosphere for yourself or your children. Chamomile has a long, long history of being used as an herbal remedy. It can also be used to soothe skin.

Use it as part of a massage or bath, or simply diffuse this oil in rooms where your kids are playing or studying.


Grapefruit is sweet, tropical and citrusy with a bright aroma to invigorate and energize. Grapefruit peels are cold pressed to produce this oil and makes it feel as if you are walking through an orchard.

The scent can inspire feelings of joy and satisfaction and encourage a playful mood. It’s great for starting your day with energy. It’s also a beloved ingredient in skin care products.

Diffuse this oil in the morning when you need a mood booster. Add this oil to any DIY skincare products you make such as a body scrub to support healthy skin.


Another oil produced by cold pressed citrus peels, tangerine is a favorite among both kids and adults. It’s sweet, citrusy aroma just helps make you feel happy and content.

Tangerine oil is perfect for setting a calm, enjoyable atmosphere for play or focus. It’s another great oil to support healthy, beautiful skin.

Add a few drops to your facial cleanser or make a DIY air freshener by combining about 30 drops of oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Tangerine is great oil to diffuse at home or work any time.


Another great citrus oil with a sweet, juicy aroma. Lemon is often used in cleaning products to create a fresh feeling environment(a key ingredient in Young Living Thieves oil blend).

Use lemon to support healthy skin or hair. This is the perfect oil to start using as you transition into the spring season, creating an energizing, fresh atmosphere to get you excited for what lies ahead.

Add lemon to DIY cleaners or air fresheners, and use it to remove stains! Use it in skin care routines to promote a youthful complexion. Or diffuse it when you need to focus hard on work or study.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree essential oil is extremely popular and is one of the most well researched oils available. The refreshing aroma is both sharp and clean, and can be somewhat astringent.

This oil has many cleansing benefits and can be used to combat stale and musty odors. It can be combined with oils such as lemon to work as a natural deodorizer. It also helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and support healthy looking skin.

Add some Tea Tree to water in a spray bottle for the perfect linen, towel and bedding freshener. Or add to soaps and lotions for amazing cleansing properties.


This wild, citrusy and floral oil is one of our favorites! Bergamot is an orange sized fruit with a yellow or green peel found near the Mediterranean Sea. It has a tart, unique aroma. Anyone who loves Earl Grey Tea is already a fan of Bergamot as the tea leaves are flavored with Bergamot oil.

The aroma is uplifting and can help relieve tension and stress. Use it in the office or classroom to produce a positive and productive environment.

Add Bergamot to your favorite skincare products, as citrus based oils tend to promote healthy, young skin. You can also use it during your favorite relaxation routines, such as baths or massages.


Cedarwood has been used in one form or another since ancient times, from the Biblical cedars of Lebanon to the ceremonial rites of ancient egyptians. Young Living distills the bark from the trees to create this woodsy and earthy aroma that also contains a honey-like sweetness.

Cedarwood oil can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere that helps you to feel grounded. It contains skin cleansing properties and can be used as a natural deodorizer.

Add cedarwood oil to your favorite hair care products to promote healthy looking hair or diffuse it before bed to get nice and relaxed.


Geranium has been used by Egyptian civilizations to promote beautiful and radiant skin. It has a sweet, floral aroma that is perfect for diffusing or applying topically.

Use geranium to promote romance, creativity and optimism. Diffuse it to create peaceful and meditative environments. Geranium can also support youthful looking skin and healthy hair.

This oil is perfect for the diffuser by itself, and can also be added to beauty and personal care products. Add it to a bath time routine or set the tone in the bedroom.


Vetiver is a type of long grass that originates in India. You can compare it to other fragrant grasses such as lemongrass or citronella. It’s aroma is earthy, woodsy and maybe even a little bit smoky.

Vetiver is quite viscous, and is best used by combining with a carrier oil before diffusing or applying to the skin. Use it to create an uplifting atmosphere at work or when you need to feel productive at home. Use it to promote peace and ease your restlessness.

Vetiver works wonders in a hot bath or as part of a massage. Ease your mind and body before bed. Add it to skin care products to promote an even skin tone.


6 Of Our Favorite Spring Diffuser Blends

Now that we know which essentials oils are popular in the springtime, let’s see how we can combine some of these oils(and some others), to create amazing, spring diffuser blends.

(We use Young Living oils, so some of the blends listed as ingredients may be specific to Young Living)

1. Fresh Flowers

4 drops Geranium, 3 drops Grapefruit,  2 Lavender

Bring the sweet fragrance of fresh, blooming flowers into your living room or classroom.

2. Spring Showers

4 drops Lemon, 3 drops Vetiver

If you are looking for an essential oil blend that smells like rain, look no further. Bring the comforting fragrance of rain inside, without getting soggy.

3. Clean Kitchen

3 drops Purification, 2 drops Jade Lemon

Whether your kitchen is actually clean or not, this blend will make it feel like it’s clean, which is the most important.

4. Cloudy Day

3 drops Bergamot, 2 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Clove

While we might be sick of the clouds after winter, a springtime cloudy day is much more welcome.

5. Fruit Loops

3 drops Purification, 2 drops Tangerine, 2 drops Orange

What better way to wake up and get ready for the day than with the sweet, fruity (and nostalgic) aroma of your favorite breakfast. Get energized!

6. Good Morning

3 drops Peppermint, 3 drops Citrus Fresh, 2 drops Stress Away

Start your day with focus, peace and a fresh, clean aroma.

Other Ways To Use Essential Oils In The Spring


Diffusing oils to set a springlike atmosphere is great! But that’s not all you can do in the new season. Here are a few more tips to enjoy and utilize your favorite oils this season.

Keep fresh flowers alive longer by adding one or two drops of the Young Living purification blend to the water in the vase.

Try out some Savvy Minerals makeup products to freshen up your makeup bag and remove toxic beauty products from your daily routine.

Add 1 or 2 drops of Grapefruit Vitality oil to your water in the morning to help fight off your sugar cravings and stimulate your metabolism.

If you haven’t tried the Thieves cleaner yet, it’s life changing. We use it for everything. Just get some Thieves cleaner to replace the chemical cleaners in your house for an amazingly fresh and healthy home this season.

You can also use the Thieves Cleaner to make other, more specialized cleaners to jump start your spring cleaning routine:

  • DIY jewelry cleaner – mix 1 tsp Thieves Cleaner + 2 tbsp hot water. Soak your jewelry and scrub with a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • DIY soft scrub – Mix 1 tbsp Thieves cleaner, 2 tbsp baking soda and 3-4 drops lemon to clean, sinks, tubs, toilets and more.
  • DIY glass cleaner – Combine 5 drops Citrus Fresh, 1 capful Thieves Clean, 1 tsp white vinegar and 3 cups water.

Get Your Spring On!

I hope you are just as excited for springtime as I am! Please let me know if you try any of these blends, or if you have any favorite Young Living spring diffuser blends by sending me a message on Instagram 🙂  


If you are interested in trying Young Living essential oils and you are not yet a member, you can head here to sign up and become a wholesale member for the best pricing 🙂

Getting Started With Oils

To get started, you’ll need to get a Starter Kit, which you can learn all about here 🙂

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Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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