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Our Wellness Journey

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Our Wellness Journey

Our Journey with wellness within our family has been continuous little baby steps over the last few years of making small changes. From changing out certain household cleaners to actually reading what the ingredients on food packages say, to looking for more natural products to use on our skin. We are still very much learning and growing all the time and still have so much MORE to learn, but we’re so excited to dive in and make some big changes to cultivate a space that our family thrives in.

A huge part of that for us is incorporating essential oils into our home and lifestyle. We have tried this over the years with other brands on our journey with wellness and have not come across any that we love more than Young Living’s. Their quality, variety of products and selection is incomparable. They’re the leader in the industry and have been around for over 25 years helping pioneer essential oil research and distilling processes. And their oils are beyond organic because of their Seed to Seal process which makes their oils safe for ingestion and free from expiration dates.

I’m honestly so excited to take you on this journey with us, as I share about ways we have made changes in our home already, and ways that we plan to keep learning and growing in. Let’s do this together!

If you don’t already use oils & are interested, YOU CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT THE STARTER KIT HERE! And if you have more questions about oils scroll down to the bottoms of that page for some oil FAQ’s

Also, come join me over on my oils Instagram @jaeger.essentials where I will be covering our favorite ways to use each of the oils in the starter kit and beyond. I also plan to share all of our favorite diffuser blends, what I use on my kiddos, healthy recipes (some that include oils), recipes for lip scrubs, rollerball blends & so many other amazing things you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Let’s do it friends!