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Grab Your NingXia Red Starter Kit And Get A $15 Gift Card!
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Grab Your NingXia Red Starter Kit And Get A $15 Gift Card!

By September 14, 2019 November 19th, 2019 No Comments

The NingXia Red Starter Kit is an amazing way to add an incredible boost of antioxidants and energy to your day in a way that tastes amazing.

This blend of superfruits and essential oils will support your body and mind in so many ways, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

Well, you and NingXia have found each other now and I believe you are going to have a long and happy relationship together (I know from experience).

Let’s dive into what NingXia actually is and why the NingXia Starter Kit is important.

What Is It, Anyways?

Literally my favorite drink. I drink it everyday and I am quite sad when we run out. My toddler loves it and he’s incredibly picky. My husband loves it and he ONLY drinks black coffee and water. 

It’s become a foundational item in our home.


NingXia Red is an incredible juice blend of wolfberries, superfruits and essential oils crafted by Young Living.

Let’s unpack that a bit!

Ningxia is a remote region in central China. In the Ningxia region, an amazing fruit was discovered (though used for over 2,000 years by the people of the region) called wolfberries, or goji berries (you know, the kind we put chocolate on in the US).

Modern scientific research has started backing many of the proposed benefits of wolfberries. Some of the areas that wolfberries support include:

  • Eye health (due to the high amount of antioxidants)
  • Energy levels and mood
  • Overall health and immune system
  • Skin health and protection
  • And probably a bunch more!

These berries are incredibly supportive of our bodies. And the best part is that they taste delicious, whether drinking NingXia Red or adding wolfberries to your meal or snack. 

To make NingXia Red, Young Living combines these incredible berries with other amazing ingredients such as:

  • Blueberry
  • Plum
  • Cherry
  • Pomegranate 
  • Orange essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Yuzu essential oil
  • Tangerine essential oil
  • And more!

That’s a powerhouse of ingredients! It all works together to create an amazingly delicious and incredibly healthy drink that you can use so many different ways.

Why I’m Head Over Heels In Love With This Stuff

It just tastes so good! It’s a vitamin packed drink that you actually want to drink (and crave).

In our house, the most popular way to drink it is by pouring 2 oz NingXia into a glass and topping it off with a can of [unsweetened] sparkling water.

(Let’s be real, we use the Aldi brand)

It’s the perfect sweet fizzy drink without any of the bad stuff and ALL of the good stuff.

It’s the perfect replacement for the afternoon cup of coffee that’s going to mess with your body the rest of the day.

We also add it to smoothies and acai bowls pretty regularly.

But you can drink it right of the pouch too! The Starter Kit comes with 32 single packets that my toddler just sticks a straw in and sips (well, he used to anyway. But now he drinks it too fast so I pour it in a cup with some water to make it last a bit longer).

For me it’s clean energy, it’s my supply of vitamins and antioxidants, and honestly it’s a refreshing treat that brings comfort to my day.

What Is The Ningxia Red Starter Kit?

The NingXia Red Starter Kit is the perfect way for someone to get started drinking NingXia who is not already a Young Living member.

If you are already a Young Living member, you’ve likely already tried NingXia and have access to some of the bundle packs they offer to wholesale members.

But for those who aren’t Young Living members [yet], the NingXia Red Starter Kit is the best deal on NingXia. It’s a once in a lifetime pricing that will set you up for quite a while!

To get the Starter Kit, you’ll also become a member of Young Living, which simply means you now have access to wholesale pricing forever (there aren’t any membership fees or minimum spend requirements to worry about).

The NingXia Starter Kit comes with:

  • 2 Large bottles of NingXia Red – 750 ml
  • 30 NingXia Red single packets – 2 oz
  • 1 NingXia Nitro
  • 5 ml StressAway essential oil blend
  • Thieves Mints
  • 2 bonus NingXia Red packets – 2 oz
  • 10 essential oil sample bottles
  • Roller fitment (to put on top of your essential oil bottle and rub on your skin effectively)

The Starter Kit costs $170. If you were to purchase everything at wholesale cost separately, it would be over $190. If you were to purchase everything at retail cost separately, it would be over $250.


BONUS – Get A Free $15 Gift Card With Your Kit

On top of getting an amazing kit full of goodies at a super great price, if you order your kit using one of my links on this page or by using my member number, I’ll send you a $15 Amazon Gift Card!

Use the link below or type in this number in the “Enroller and Sponsor ID” section of the checkout process: 17879466

Get the NingXia Red Starter Kit

As soon as you finish your order, send me a message on Instagram – @mama.jaeger, or send me an email at hello,mamajaeger [at] yahoo.com letting me know you ordered your kit.

As soon as I hear from you, I’ll send your gift right away!


Because if you use my link, I will earn a commission on your order. However, I want to simply invest that back into you because I believe in the power of these products and in the fact that everyone should give them a try!

So getting the kit is definitely worth it! However, if you are unsure about getting the kit because you haven’t tried NingXia yet before, scroll down for “Alternative To Buying The Starter Kit.”

NingXia Starter Kit Products

Here’s a quick look at each individual product:

NingXia Bottles (750 ml)

Buying in bulk bottles like this is a bit more environmentally friendly, since these can be recycled. It’s the same stuff that comes in the packets.

When you do the math, it comes out to about $1.46/oz NingXia.

Once opened, these bottles need to be stored in the fridge. Not travel friendly, but not an issue for most people.


NingXia Red Singles

The NingXia Red singles are super convenient. The 2 oz packet is the perfect serving size. It’s just the right amount to add to an entire 12 oz can of sparkling water.

When you buy the 30 pack, the math works out to be $1.45/oz. A wild $0.01 cheaper than the bottles!

So they cost about the same, it just depends on your preference of container and packability. We honestly have both in the house most of the time. Though I do prefer the bottles simply for having less trash to throw away.


NingXia Nitro

NingXia Nitro is definitely the lively product of the bunch. This is designed more so for highly active people, such as before or after a workout. It’s also great for those who need a clean energy boost during that afternoon slog. 

It’s small and convenient to pack with you and can be smashed (consumed) right out of the tube. 

Take it to work, keep it in your backpack during outdoor activities, bring it with you when you are travelling. It’s far better for you than that canned energy drink from the gas station… But be warned, these are small (1 oz). Still packs a punch though!


Alternatives To Buying The Starter Kit

I get it. If you haven’t tried NingXia Red before, or if you’ve only had it once or twice, it could be hard to spend $170 on a big pack of it.

Another option I would recommend is to get another Young Living Starter Kit before buying any NingXia.


2 reasons:

  1. Most of the Starter Kits come with 2 NingXia Red singles, so you’d get to try it out (the only ones that don’t are the Savvy Minerals makeup kits).
  2. By purchasing any of their other Starter Kits, you’ll now be a wholesale member with Young Living, able to purchase any of their products at the best pricing without having to buy another kit. So you can get just 1 NingXia item to try out. That way you can test it out on a smaller scale.

By getting a different Starter Kit, you’ll get products that you know you’ll love and use, so that you don’t feel like you might waste money.

There other kits include:

  1. Essential Oils + Diffuser kit – these are the original Starter Kits from Young Living. You’ll get 12 amazing bottles of essential oils + the diffuser of your choice. This is how most people begin their Young Living membership.
  2. Thieves Kit – Thieves is their all natural, essential oil based cleaning and household product line. Thieves can enable you to replace so many toxic products from your home with a safe, healthy and incredibly effective alternative (We love Thieves a lot here).
  3. Savvy Minerals makeup kit – Although this kit doesn’t come with NingXia samples, it’s an amazing kit filled with natural, mineral based makeup that is free from toxins and synthetic ingredients. If you are considering a new makeup brand, this is it. 

If you go this route, here are some options for buying NingXia Red later on.

Other NingXia Red Options

So once you are a member of Young Living, here are your options to buy NingXia products. Also, I know these look expensive, but this stuff is highly concentrated so you only need to drink 2 ounces at a time (which can be mixed with other ingredients to make a larger beverage).

NingXia Red Bottles, 750 ml – 2 pack
Wholesale cost = $73

NingXia Red Singles, 2 oz – 30 pack
Wholesale cost = $87

NingXia Nitro, 20 ml – 14 pack
Wholesale cost = $39.75

NingXia Red Combo Pack (for existing members. This is not a starter kit)
2 – 750 ml bottles of NingXia + 30 NingXia singles = $152
Savings = $8

NingXia Red Essential Rewards Kit (only available to Essential Rewards members, details below)

4 – 750 ml bottles of NingXia + 30 NingXia singles = $187
Savings = $46!

This is definitely the way to go for anyone who loves and drinks NingXia regularly!

Not only are you getting incredible savings, but if you are on Essential Rewards (which you have to be in order to get this deal), you’ll earn points back on the entire thing! Depending on your earnings rate, that can be either $18, $37 or $46 back in ER points to redeem for free products!

Details About Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is the loyalty program for Young Living that allows you to earn points back on every purchase to redeem for free products.

To join, all you have to do is spend a minimum of $50/month. That’s it! There aren’t any membership fees or commitments. Simply start and stop at any time. However, the longer you remain in the program, the more you earn!

There are 3 earnings rates for ER:

During month 1-3 = 10% back on all purchases.
During month 4-24 = 20% back on all purchases.
For months 25+, earn 25% back on all purchases. 

Plus, you’ll earn a free bottle of essential oils every 3 months during your first year, and more after every year you remain a member.

So if you plan to drink NingXia regularly, this is absolutely the best way to go for long term savings!

Again, all you need to do is get a Starter Kit (NingXia or one of the other kits). During the checkout process, you can opt-in to the program, or join later at any point in time. 

For full details about the loyalty program, check out our post here.

How To Get Your NingXia Starter Kit

So if you are ready to jump into the NingXia pool and get your Starter Kit, just follow these super easy steps:

2. Select your kit.

You’ll notice that the kits shown are essential oils + diffuser kits. If you want to start with one of these, just select your diffuser (they are different prices).

To select the NingXia Red Starter Kit, use the drop-down menu to select “Other Premium Kits,” and scroll down and select “NingXia.”


3. Essential Rewards.

Then scroll down to “Essential Rewards.”

If you want to start earning points back right away to get free products (aka NingXia), you should sign up for Essential Rewards (ER). If not, you can signup at any point in the future as well.

If you do want to join right away, you can use your Starter Kit as your first month’s order. Then, you can select what you would like for your second month’s order and set it up now. You can choose the NingXia ER kit, which is the best deal on NingXia. Or, just choose any of the kit’s and after you finish your order, you can go in and change your next month’s order at any time.


4. Add additional products.

You can also “Add More Products.” Or simply finish your Starter Kit order by tapping “Next!”


5. Create your account.

Now create your account.

Regarding the Comission Processing section, you’ll likely select “Individual without social security number.”

This is just how you want to receive comissions, if you were going to actively refer people to Young Living. If you don’t plan on it, just select the option above!


6. Confirm sponsor information.

If you use the link on this page to start the signup process, the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID will already be filled out. It should say 17879466 in both fields (that’s me!).

If it doesn’t say that, make sure to enter it in (otherwise you won’t join my team and I can’t send you your bonus 🙁 )


7. Confirm and finish.

Now just finish the checkout and smile, your Kit is on the way!


8. Claim your gift.

Then, as soon as you finish placing your order, send me a message either on Instagram or email me hello.mama.jaeger [at] yahoo.com to let me know you got your kit. That way, I can send your bonus right over to you! Woot!!

It’s Time To Load Up On Delicious Nutrients

If you are ready to get started (or keep going) on your serious wellness journey and add in the insnae power of antioxidants, wolfberries and more, signup today and get your NingXia Red Starter Kit!

Other NingXia Red Starter Kit Questions

What Does It Mean To Become A Member?

It just means you get access to the best pricing on Young Living.

To become a member, you’ll need to purchase a Starter Kit of your choice (such as the NingXia Kit). Once you’ve done that, you will become a member. There aren’t any membership fees, minimum spend requirements, or anything else!

Simply log in any time to order the products that you would like.

Can I order just a few packets of NingXia?

The smallest quantities you can order are either 30 single packets or 2 – 750 ml bottles. You often receive single packets in other Starter Kits or bundles as well. But to experience benefits on an ongoing basis, NingXia is most effective when used on a regular basis.

Jump In

If you have any questions about the Starter Kit or Young Living membership, just send me a message on Instagram. I’m always glad to help however I can! 🙂


Otherwise, click the the button to signup and get your kit!

Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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