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How To Launch A Blog

By December 26, 2018 March 19th, 2019 No Comments

Hey guys,

Justin here to talk you through the process of quickly setting up your hosting account on siteground and installing wordpress on your new site. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes!

A written tutorial is provided below, and video tutorials are listed the bottom of this page filmed by yours truly 🙂

You are just moments away from your new website and pursuing your dreams. Here is a quick tutorial for setting up your hosting account with Siteground and launching your new WordPress website.

Costs associated with this are

  • Hosting via Siteground $3.95/mo(single site) – $5.95/mo(multiple sites). You pay for the entire year, and the more years you pay for, the more you save. Minimum is $3.95 for 12 months = $48.
  • Domains registration – owning your domain is a separate service. Siteground charges $16/year. I personally use Google domains for all my domains, as each domain with Google is only $12/year. If you use Google, all you have to do is copy and paste 2 lines from Siteground to Google in order to “point” your domain name to your siteground website. Super easy(video below).
  • A theme – if you want one. WordPress comes with free themes, but making them look good can be tricky. However, if you would like an easier building process, I recommend a $60 theme(one time purchase).

All in for a minimum of $60/year(that’s really cheap when you compare that with other website platforms).

Setting Up Your Hosting Account

  1. Choose Your Plan

To get started, head to Siteground through this link:

This is an affiliate link, so we receive commissions if a purchase is made at no extra charge to you. We recommend Siteground whether we get paid or not 😉

The link leads you to the plan selection page, which gives you a deal for new accounts – $3.95/month rather than the normal $11.95/month. You can lock in the $3.95 rate for up to 3 years, but you have to pay it all up front. It’s worth it if you know you will use this website for at least that long.

If you only plan to build 1 website right now, start with the $3.95/month plan. If you know you will host multiple sites – such as one blog, one portfolio site, one online store, etc, you can either pay for the $5.95 plan now, or wait to upgrade until you are ready to launch your second site.

2. Choose your domain name.

If you don’t have one, you can register a new domain with Siteground, or you enter a domain name you already own. Either way, the next step is the exact same. (The video at the bottom shows how to do this with Google domains, which is cheaper than Siteground’s domain service).

3. Review and complete – input all your information.

Select the amount of months you would like to prepay and lock in your introductory rate – 12, 24 or 36 months.

Domain privacy – $12/year. If your domain is not private, you will receive phone calls from people around the world who want to build your website for you – all day long. It sucks. Either purchase the privacy or register your domain with Google(their privacy is free).

4. Confirm And Pay

Pay now. Once you confirm everything and hit the pay button, you will be taken into your Siteground Dashboard. From here, it’s a few clicks to install WordPress and have a live site.

Installing WordPress

We are almost to the fun part.

Once you get into your Siteground account, they will have a few screens to setup WordPress. Click, “I don’t need help right now,” in order to get to your account page.

1. My Account

Your home screen will look like this. Go ahead and select the My Accounts tab.

2. Go To cPanel

Once in My Accounts, click the red button that says cPANEL.

3. WordPress Installer

Once you are in your cPANEL, look down into the 4th section. The first button should be WordPress Installer. Click that.

4. Website Info

You should see this screen. These 2 sections should already be filled in – ensure that they are like this(with your domain, of course).

5. Name And Description

Scroll down and fill in your websites name and description(important for SEO and letting people know what your site is about).

Make sure your username and password are complex – do not use easy to guess words. Write these down somewhere, as you’ll need them to login to your site in just a moment(and every time you want to login to your site).

6. DONE!

Once you hit install, it should take a few moments to finish. Head back to My Accounts. To the right, you should see a green button that says Go to Admin Panel – click that and enter the login info you just created.

You should land inside your new WordPress dashboard(where you will go every time you want to add content/posts/products to your website).

Your site is technically live at this point, however, it is messy. We need to install a theme. I cover this in the video tutorials – coming soon – but here is my recommendation.

I recommend purchasing the Salient theme from Theme Forest for around $60. It’s super solid, easy to use for beginners, and I have used it to build a few great sites with no prior technical experience. They have good support as well(this website is built with Salient).

If you aren’t looking to spend money just yet, you can keep the free theme that is already installed and download a free page-builder plugin. This is also in the videos that will be coming soon.

Having your own blog is ideal for anyone who is looking to make an income online now or in the future. Whether you aspire to be a full-time blogger or are just looking for a creative outlet, having your own website is a great idea.

Cheers for making it happen! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, as we have done this a number of times and would be happy to help.


Again, here is the link to get started with Siteground and a link to the theme that I love and use:

Video Tutorial – Setting Up Your Hosting Account And Installing WordPress


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