How To Get Your Young Living Starter Kit

Congrats! You’re ready to jump into the world of natural wellness using essential oils! You’re ready to start creating a healthier and happier home for your family!

To do so, simply check out the video below, or scroll down for written instructions on how to easily place your order and become a free Young Living member 🙂

To compare the different Young Living Starter Kits, please see this page.

Otherwise, click below to order your kit now! And scroll down for easy, step-by-step ordering instructions.

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How To Order Your Young Living Starter Kit

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How To Get A Young Living Premium Starter Kit

To get a Starter Kit, follow these simple steps!
(The page might look a little different on your phone versus a computer)

1. Head to the website

Click this link to go to the Young Living website:

2. Choose your membership

Choose to join as a “Member.”
There are no minimum monthly purchases and no requirement to sell. Choose your country, language, and make sure the Sponsor # is 17879466


3. Confirm the invitation

Ensure the popup confirmation says “Kelsey Jaeger Welcomes you to Young Living.”


4. Choose your kit

Choose between the Premium Starter Kit, The Aria Premium Starter Kit, or any available limited-time Starter Kits such as the Welcome Home Starter Kit (2020).

The Premium Kits with the Desert Mist Diffuser and the Dewdrop Diffuser are both $165.

We love the Desert Mist! It changes colors and my 3 year old loves it!

To compare the current kits, please see this page.


5. Essential Rewards

I highly recommend choosing your Premium Starter Kit as your first month’s Essential Rewards order! (Our loyalty program where you receive points on all purchases and become eligible for all kinds of goodies!)

It’s basically a completely customizable monthly wellness box that earns free products and points – yes please!

But you do not need to enroll in ER in order to get your Starter Kit.


6. Add additional products

If you want to add any specific items to your first order, you can do so now by clicking “Add More Products”. Otherwise, let’s finish up the Starter Kit purchase by selecting “Next!”


7. Create your login

Now enter your sign-up information to log into the website. You’ll likely select “Individual without social security number.” People can get confused by this section but all this is saying is how you want to receive your commissions if you were to refer your mom, sister, etc! (Hollaa!)

This does NOT mean you are signing up to do the business 🙂


8. Confirm and finish

Confirm and finish the check out process! Congrats, your kit is on the way!


9. Claim your gift

Woo!! Send me a message either on Instagram or email me to let me know you bought a kit. This way, I can send you some awesome bonuses!

What are you waiting for?!

It’s time to take charge of your wellness and invite the planets healthiest plants into your home!

To learn more about the Premium Starter Kit, everything you get, including some exclusive bonuses, please head here!

Otherwise click the button below to place your order today! 🙂

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