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Essential Oils And Wellness

How To Clean A Diffuser For Essential Oils

By July 5, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

Your diffuser goes through a lot.

If you are like me, you use it every day, multiple times a day.

It has water and oils sitting in it for hours, sometimes days at a time (if we forget to empty it out).

But to continually get the best experience possible when diffusing, and to enjoy your oils to the fullest, your diffuser needs to be clean. And this needs to be done regularly.

Otherwise you might be filling the air with musty, mildew-y water and a hodgepodge of old oil scents!

Why You Need A Clean Diffuser

There are a few reasons you’ll want to clean your diffuser on a regular basis.

For starters, it will keep your diffuser functioning properly and keep it from breaking.

Due to the strong, corrosive nature of oils, they could eventually cause damage to the inner parts of the diffuser if not properly clean and removed.

The main benefit you’ll get from cleaning diffusers is ensuring you get the fresh, pure aroma from your diffuser each time.

You don’t want to add new oils to your diffuser, only to have it smell like the oils you used yesterday, or even last week. The scents will all start blending together, making the aroma smell dirty or even musty at times.

You’ll want to ensure you are wiping away any oils from the last use before starting it again and adding new oils.

On top of that, leaving water (mixed with something like oils) in a small, dark place (such as inside a diffuser) for an extended period of time is going to cause it to smell pretty gross.

When you are finished using your diffuser, it’s best to empty and remaining water right away, and wipe with a clean cloth to remove most of the oils from the reservoir.

If you wipe your diffuser daily (or after each use), you will only need to deep clean your diffuser every 2-4 weeks. This will ensure you have a pleasant experience next time you go to use your diffuser.

So while it might seem inconvenient at first, a clean diffuser is absolutely necessary for an enjoyable and effective oil experience.

So here’s how to clean a diffuser!

How To Clean A Diffuser

While every diffuser is different, one thing is certain – the instructions will tell you to clean it regularly. 

For some diffusers, it may be best to use vinegar to properly remove the oils. For others (such as from Young Living), they say to not use vinegar (or you will void the warranty).

So your first step is to take a look at the instructions that come with your specific diffuser.

If you don’t have those instructions handy, well then take a look at how to clean an essential oil diffuser with and without vinegar.

How To Clean A Diffuser With Vinegar

  1. Unplug your diffuser and remove any water currently in the diffuser. Wipe inside with a cloth to remove visible oils left behind.
  2. Fill your diffuser about half way with purified water and add about 10 drops of pure white vinegar.
  3. Assemble your diffuser, plug it in and run it as normal (in a room that you don’t mind smells like vinegar).
  4. After about 5 minutes, unplug again and empty the diffuser.
  5. Take a cotton swab or cloth, add vinegar and wipe by hand, especially in the corners and hard to reach places to ensure all oils are removed.
  6. Rinse, empty, and use your fresh, clean diffuser!

How To Clean A Diffuser Without Vinegar

For those of us who have diffusers that specifically say NOT to use vinegar, here are some options for how to clean your diffuser (AKA how to clean a Young Living diffuser):

  1. Unplug your diffuser and remove any water currently in the diffuser. Wipe inside with a cloth to remove visible oils left behind.
  2. Add some rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab and wipe the reservoir clean, paying extra attention to the corners or any tight spots your cloth couldn’t reach.
  3. Then, just wipe dry with a clean cloth again, and you’ll be good to go!

Keeping It Clean Daily In 30 Seconds

And for those who are willing to take the extra few seconds to clean it daily, this is what I do right before I use my diffuser each time:

  1. Unplug your diffuser and remove any water currently in the diffuser. Wipe inside with a cloth to remove visible oils left behind.
  2. Spray a little bit of Thieves household cleaner into the reservoir and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  3. Good to go!

The thieves cleaner contains lemon oil, which helps to remove any build up. So far, this doesn’t cause my diffuser to smell like Thieves, so I just do this at least once a day to keep it fresh!

Simple And Clean

Well I hope that helps!

Whether you use oils regularly or only once in a while, you just want to make sure you have a clean essential oil diffuser. Otherwise you are missing the purity of the oils.

Cleaning a diffuser is pretty simple. It’s just a matter of building it into your daily and weekly routine.

Happy diffusing friends! Make sure to follow along on Instagram for all the tips on essential oils and natural wellness:


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