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Essential Oils And Wellness

How To Choose The Right Essential Oil Diffuser

By June 8, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

Essential oil diffusers should be in every home.

We know that already, right?

But which one should you get?

What the heck is a nebulizer, and is that safe to have in my home?

Yeah, there is quite a variety of diffusers available. So hopefully this post will provide some clarity and simply diffusers for you!

Let’s go over:

  1. Why you need a diffuser.
  2. The different types of diffusers.
  3. The best diffuser for you.

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Essential Oil Diffusers = Oil Necessity

Using a diffuser is the most popular, and likely most effective way of using essential oils.


Inhaling oils is going to have the quickest effect on our bodies. When we breathe the aroma in, the receptors in our nasal cavity sends signals to our brain.

Our brain then sends signals to the rest of our body. Since our nose is so close to our brain, it’s a pretty quick transmission.

That’s why it’s typically called ‘aromatherapy,’ as you feel the effects of oils in your mind and body by inhaling the aroma.

So What Is An Oil Diffuser?

Essential oil diffusers are (usually) electric devices that spread the aroma of essential oils into the air so that we can smell and inhale them.

While you can hold a bottle of oil up to your nose for the same benefit, the diffuser will fill an entire room with the aroma so that you can constantly inhale it. It just makes life easier.

If you were cooking, for example, you wouldn’t want to stop what you were doing every 2 minutes, pick up the bottle of oil and take a deep breath. You just want an oil diffuser going, so you can go about your business and breathe!

Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits – Why Should You Use One?

As mentioned above, using a diffuser for essential oils makes life a whole lot easier.

Breathing them in is the best way to use them. Using a diffuser will allow you to breathe them in constantly while doing whatever it is you are doing.

Use it to help relax while you and your family are spending time in the living room before bed.

Use a diffuser in your bedroom to really encourage good sleep just before you fall asleep.

Use a diffuser in your office (like I have right now) to give your mind the ability to focus and create.

You can use it when your family is starting to get sick. Diffuse oils that promote a healthy and strong immune system!

Diffusers can help to purify the air in your home and remove stale odors. The aroma from oils lasts well beyond when you turn off the diffuser.

We use our (3) diffusers constantly. The only problem is that we need a couple more so that we don’t have to keep moving them from room to room!

So now that you know you probably need a diffuser, let’s figure what’s best for you.

Different Types Of Essential Oil Diffusers

There are 4 main types of household diffusers that you can use. What you choose is dependent on how you prefer to experience oils, among other personal preferences.

How do oil diffusers work?

Well they are all so different, so read below for information of each type.

Nebulizing Diffuser

A Nebulizing Diffuser is one that doesn’t require heat or water. They are also made without using any plastic, unlike ultrasonic diffusers.

With a nebulizing essential oil diffuser, pressurized air pushes causes the oils to ‘atomize,’ or split into micro-particles. This is then pushed through the small opening at the top as an aromatic mist, which is more like a gas than actual mist.

Since no water is used, the oil mist is pure and undiluted. So a stronger concentration of oil is released, providing a powerful experience.

Your essential oils remain pure and the microscopic structure is not altered in any way.

For the purist, or those who want the most direct and powerful benefit, an essential oil nebulizing diffuser is likely the best choice.

This is also good for those who do not want to add additional humidity into their home.

They also have a very distinct and different look and are generally more expensive.

What’s the best nebulizing diffuser? Definitely one of these 3:

Best Nebulizing Diffusers

Ultrasonic Diffuser / Humidifying Diffuser

While nebulizing diffusers might be the most powerful, ultrasonic diffusers are by far the most popular. (also known as humidifying diffusers)

Ultrasonic diffusers are the kind that you fill with water, then add a few drops of essential oils. When you turn it on, oil infused mist is visibly released into the air.

Inside the unit, there are ultrasonic vibrations that break apart the oil molecules allowing them to be released effectively into the air with the water.

Because the oils are diluted with water, the aroma that is released from an ultrasonic diffuser will be weaker than a nebulizing diffuser.

However, for many people, especially beginners, this is a good thing (since oils are super strong and can be overwhelming at first).

An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is the perfect place to start. And honestly, most people stick with these over time.

Though they might not release a super strong mist, that means you can use them for longer periods of time.

Just note, you’ll need to clean these oil frequently, since water sits inside for extended periods of time.

If you want to try an ultrasonic oil diffuser, I highly recommend any of these.

Best Ultrasonic Diffusers

Evaporative Diffuser

Evaporative diffusers are low-key and pretty mellow, as far as diffusers go (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Typically, a pad of some sort is soaked with essential oils. Then a small fan blows air onto the pad to help it dry, which causes the oils to evaporate into the air.

It’s a slower process and isn’t very strong (compared to the previous diffuser types).

You could also use jewelry for essential oils to get a similar effect.

Heat Diffuser

Heat diffusers use heat to spread the aroma of oils into the air.This could be with a flame, or it can be electric.

You’ll typically have a small bowl to add your oils in with a heating source underneath to heat up the oils.

Heating up oils like this has the potential to affect the chemical composition of the oils and could reduce their overall effectiveness.

So while they might be inexpensive and interesting to look at, most people agree they don’t work nearly as well as other diffusers.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers

So what is the best essential oil diffuser?

Well, if you couldn’t tell by the information above, I don’t think heat or evaporative diffusers are very effective.

Still, if you have want or want to try it, give it a shot! Maybe you’ll discover it’s perfect for you.

But for most people, the best oil diffuser will be either a nebulizing or ultrasonic diffuser.

If you are just starting to use essential oils regularly, I would recommend getting an ultrasonic diffuser. Obviously, they are the most popular, so they definitely work well for a lot of people!

But they provide the amazing benefits of essential oils at a more easy going pace than a nebulizer.

Plus, as you get more used to oils, you can simply increase the amount of oil you add to the diffuser if you are looking to increase the strength of the aroma.

But for those who have been using oils for a while, for those who use them daily, and for those who want ALL THE BENEFITS without comprising anything, the nebulizer will be right for you.

They release the aroma as pure as possible. There are no barriers between you and the oils.

And maybe you have one of each! Maybe you’ll want a nebulizer in your bedroom for a more direct aromatherapy experience before bed, but would rather use an ultrasonic diffuser in your living room when your kids are around.

Get an Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Get a Nebulizing Diffuser.

Once you have a diffuser, try some of these blends out 🙂

Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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