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Our 10 favorite Ways To Use And Benefit From Essential Oils At Home
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Our 10 favorite Ways To Use And Benefit From Essential Oils At Home

By March 25, 2020 No Comments

Today I just wanted to share with you some of the ways that essential oils can be used in your everyday life for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

These are just 10 of the ways we use oils regularly in our home, and it’s only a tiny sample of what you can do with oils.

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1. Start the day off right by diffusing oils in the morning.

I love diffusing oils in the morning right when we wake up. It makes our home feel super cozy, and almost makes it feel like Christmas or a holiday everyday 😇

Plus, it makes me much less mad about getting up 😅 #notamorningperson
(My husband, who is a morning person, is the one who starts the diffuser in the morning, long before I ever make it out of bed…)

But it helps to put a smile on your face, fill your home with a cozy vibe, and honestly encourage you to do your best today.

Lately, my husband has been diffusing Orange + Cedarwood in the mornings for a calm, comforting, woodsy aroma.

Citrus and minty oils are awesome in the morning too, to help perk you up!

2. Using An Immune Support Roller Daily

We love using oils to support our overall health and wellness, and one of the best ways of doing that is supporting our immune system.

The easiest way to do this daily (with no time or effort!) is by making rollers ahead of time. Rollers, or roller bottles, or rollerballs, are small glass bottles with a metal ball at the end.

You mix essential oils with a carrier oil (such as liquid coconut oil, which dilutes the essential oils making it safe for your skin).

Then, all you have to do to experience the benefits of the oils is roll it onto your skin, such as your spine, neck, or bottoms of your feet.

Boom, it only takes about 5 seconds. My husband SWEARS by the immune roller I made him recently. It’s been a major help over the most recent cold and flu season.

Plus, you can make kid or toddler specific rollers that are safe for them! 👶

3. Use a Tummy Roller for tummy trouble and digestion support

Do you have a stomach of steel, like my husband does? Can eat anything, in any quantity, and never have any stomach issues?

Not me. I’m the opposite. Everything good makes my tummy sad 😢

So that’s why I use DiGize essential oil blend, make a roller, and rub it onto my stomach whenever I eat something I probably shouldn’t have…

It blends oils such as fennel and ginger, along with others, which have historically been used across the world for digestive support.

It brings much needed stomach relief. Young Living also has a kids version called TummyGize that my 4 year old son uses regularly too 👌

My husband? No, he’ll crush an entire pan of brownies, 2 burritos, and anything else you put in front of him without a second thought… 

4. Using Thieves Household Cleaner for an all-natural, safe, amazing smelling cleaner

Have you ever thought cleaning was fun?


I used to think the same thing. That is until I got the Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living. This has changed our home.

It’s an all-purpose cleaner made from the Thieves essential oil blend. It smells amazing (like autumn, a little spicy, a little sweet 🍁), and it’s safe and all-natural.

No more spraying chemicals all over your kitchen counter where you put your children’s food, or getting headaches when you clean your tiny bathroom!! 🙌🏼

We use this daily. It’s replaced multiple toxic, chemical based cleaning products from our cleaning cabinet.

It’s the bee’s knees, literally. This will make you and your home much happier

5. Using essential oils as an all-natural, pure, amazing smelling perfume

If you’ve ever watched the documentary “Stink” on Netflix, you know that the fragrance industry is DARK and that synthetic fragrances are terrible for us and the planet. 👎🏼

The problem, though, is that this mystery fragrance is in EVERYTHING.

Companies don’t have to disclose the ingredients in their fragrances because it’s considered a trade secret.

Too bad that trade secret is quietly harming our entire society (go watch the documentary if you haven’t!)

Perfume is obviously at the center of synthetic fragrance. We spray it all over our bodies, our skin, our clothes.

It’s nice to smell good. It’s nice when other people tell us that we smell good. 😌

But it’s really nice to use all-natural, safe essential oils as perfume! No harmful ingredients, no toxic chemicals. It’s actually good for you!

  • You can simply pour a little oil onto your hands and rub it onto your chest, wrists, neck, or clothes.
  • Or you can make a roller, take it with you, and reapply throughout the day.
  • Or you can make a DIY perfume spray bottle by combining your oils of choice with water (or alcohol) and a little witch hazel.

And the best part is, you’ll smell way better than your coworker who got their perfume at some big department store 😉

6. Don’t forget the cologne, too!

One thing that has been absolutely true in our home – essential oils are NOT just for women. My husband uses oils just as much as I do (even though he scoffed at the thought of oils before I got some).

He uses a “cologne” daily that he mixed up in a small, 2 oz spray bottle. Add about 20 or so drops of oils, a splash of witch hazel, and fill the rest with water.

Some of his favorite oils for this are:

  • Patchouli
  • Cedarwood
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Peppermint

7. Drying our laundry with essential oils, not with chemicals!

The laundry room is honestly where A LOT of our household toxins come from.

When drying laundry specifically, so many of us use dryer sheets. The problem is that these are BAD for us and for the environment. These are often the cause of irritated skin for those with sensitive skin, and they lower the air quality in our home.

This is EASILY remedied by adding natural, wool dryer balls (I got mine from Amazon) to the dryer. We then add essential oils directly to the dryer balls.

This leaves a NATURAL, SAFE scent on our laundry. Plus, the dryer balls bounce around the dryer, softening our laundry (replacing the need for harmful fabric softener) and help break up bunches of clothing, which helps the air circulate better.

Basically, it helps our clothes dry faster, meaning we spend less on electricity.

We usually use lemongrass on our dryer balls because it smells so good and it’s a stronger oil, so it comes through on our clothing much better.


8. Using A Bed Spray On Our Toddlers Beds For Better Sleep

We use a bed spray, or linen spray, on our kids bedding at night to support their sleep, too!

You can make a DIY version of this easily in a small spray bottle, combining gentle oils such as lavender or Peace & Calming with a little witch hazel and water.

But now, we just have the Seedlings Calm Linen Spray. It’s safe, all-natural, crafted specifically for the little ones.

Cause they certainly need sleep support too, amiright? 🤱🏻

(It smells so good, it’s hard not to use it on my bed, too)

9. Using Frankincense For All The Skin and Face Support

If I had to choose a favorite oil, MOST of the time I would say Frankincense.

I Freaking love this oil. I use it daily. Or should I say, nightly.

It hasn’t just been added to my night time routine. It has BECOME my nightly routine.

I use it on my face (without diluting it, because it’s quite gentle) as a moisturizer and  cleanser for better feeling skin and better looking skin.

Plus it’s great to use before bed because it’s very comforting and relaxing, helping me to fall asleep a little easier. PLUS it’s also a wellness and immune support oil, so now we are just stacking the benefits 😎

10. Using Lemon To Clean My Thrift Store Finds!

This one is silly.

But it’s NOT SILLY!

I do this all the time. Are you a thrifter like me?

If so, you know how they put ANNOYING PRICE TAGS ON EVERYTHING?

I know they have to, but they are so hard to get off. Half the time, I never bother taking them off.

Until now. Literally just put some Lemon essential oil on your stickers, tags, whatever, and they will peel right off.

So easy to actually clean my thrift finds now! 😂

And now they smell great, too.

A Small Glimpse of our Daily + Weekly Essential Oil Uses

That’s only 10 of the ways we use essential oils regularly in our home. There’s much more!

We literally love oils. We love how they can replace our dependency on tons of toxic, chemical-based products.

We love how they smell absolutely amazing.

We love having some of the world’s healthiest plants in our kitchen, without the fear of killing them (we are so bad with houseplants).

How to start your essential oil + natural wellness journey today!

1. First off, you’ll need to get essential oils.

If you don’t yet have any, or if you’d like to upgrade your collection, make sure to grab your Young Living Starter Kit for 12 of the best,  most popular, most effective essential oils.

When you order your Starter Kit with me, I will also give you a TON of free resources, including recipes, tips, videos and more, to make it super easy to start using oils and save you time!
Click here to grab yours today!

2. Get some dryer balls and use oils to naturally dry your laundry.

This will create a lot less indoor (and outdoor) air pollution when drying your laundry, compared to using traditional, synthetic dryer sheets.
Grab wool dryer balls on Amazon here!

3. Make your family some rollers for easy, daily support!

We always have immune support rollers, tummy rollers, and sleep rollers made up for everyone in our family. It means we can get all the benefits of oils in as little as 5 seconds.
Get a pack of rollers here and start applying daily!

And make sure to follow along on Instagram for essential oils, natural wellness, and cozy design inspiration!


Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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