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Why You Need Roller Bottles, How To Use Them And Our Favorite Kind
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Essential Oils And Wellness

Why You Need Roller Bottles, How To Use Them And Our Favorite Kind

By July 26, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

For those getting started with essential oils, you’ll quickly realize that roller bottles are super important.

They are the main way to apply oils to your skin in order to get those physical, emotional and mental benefits flowing!

Here’s a quick guide for making and using roller bottles, as well as choosing the right rollerballs for essential oils.

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What Are Roller Bottles?

Roller bottles are skinny, long essential oil bottles with a rolling ball in the opening.

This rolling ball allows a very small amount of oil to come out as you rub/roll/glide the balls across your skin.

The ball evenly distributes oil as it rolls on your skin.


Roller bottles are also called roller ball bottles, essential oil rollers or simply rollerball.

They are the easiest way to apply essential oils topically, as the oils in the bottle are already pre-diluted and blended. You don’t need to mix any oils in your hand or make a mess. They are grab and go!

If a diffuser is the ‘go-to’ method of inhaling oils, oil roller bottles are the ‘go-to’ method for skin application. 

Essential oil roller bottles are perfect for applying oil to your wrists, chest, feet, back, neck, and literally anywhere else you would apply oils. 

I have a handful of oil rollers made up:

  • Wellness roller to keep the immune system high
  • Sleepy roller for my toddler
  • Belly blend for weak tummy
  • Different blends that I mainly use as a perfume
  • And more!

I keep at least one roller bottle in my purse at all times, have some in my bathroom and kitchen and bedroom.

How To Make Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Essential oil roller bottles are super simple to prepare, and even easier to use.

Typically, when you buy them, it will come in a pack of 6 glass roller bottles. This immediately allows you to make a few different bottles for different purposes.

First, decide what type of essential oil roller you want. Here are some popular options:

  • Immune booster + wellness roller
  • Sleepy time roller 
  • Energy roller
  • Stress roller
  • Perfume or cologne rollers
  • Muscle soother + pain relief
  • Any of the above for kids (use the same oils, but dilute more)

They typically come as 10 ml roller bottles. To make an adult roller:

  1. Add 15-30 drops of oils (I’d probably start at 20 and adjust as needed)
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle to the top with a carrier oil of your choice (we usually use fractionated coconut oil).
  3. Replace the rollerball cap, gently shake, and start rubbing it on your skin!

To make a kids roller, use only 10-15 drops (even less for really small kids). 

Try some of these recipes for your first essential oils roller:
Seasonal Wellness – 10 drops lemon, 10 drops lavender, 10 drops peppermint
Sleep – 15 drops lavender, 15 drops frankincense
Focus – 10 drops frankincense, 10 drops copaiba, 10 drops lavender, 10 drops cedarwood
Energy – 10 drops peppermint, 10 drops lemon

To use a roller bottle on your skin, simply unscrew the cap and rub on desired area for 1-3 seconds. Let it dry or rub it in with your hand to speed up absorption.

Best Roller Bottles

Most roller bottles for essential oils are pretty much the same. However, the main thing you want to consider is the color.

The best roller roller bottles for oils are dark amber colored bottles.



The dark color blocks light from getting into the bottle and negatively affecting the purity and chemical structure of essential oils.

Light is one of the 3 main enemies of essential oils (at least in regards to making them last long and stay fresh). 

Here are the best amber roller bottles:

10 ml Amber Roller Bottles With Gold Colored Lid

UV Resistant Amber Bottles w/ Stainless Steel Roller

10 ml Amber Roller Bottles With Black Colored Lid

UV Resistant Amber Bottles w/ Stainless Steel Roller

Solid Rollerball Bottles

While amber roller bottles are the most popular light blocking bottle, there are also other dark/solid colored, light blocking rollerball bottles. Check out some of these creative rollers:

8 Solid Pink Essential Oil Rollers

Pack of 8 solid pink rollers with gold lids.

Black Essential Oil Rollers - 12 Pack

Pack of 12 black rollers with gold lid.

6 Wood Essential Oil Rollers - 5 ml

5 ml glass roller bottle wrapped in woo, pack of 6.

Clear and Light Colored Essential Oil Rollerball Bottles

But just because glass is clear or a different color doesn’t mean you should avoid them entirely. It just means you need to properly store them in order for them to remain effective over time.

I have some clear glass roller bottles that I use for some of my blends that are pretty colors, or when I want to make them look extra special:


But I just have to remember to store it away from light and heat. So I try to keep them in a bathroom cabinet or drawer, since there is a lot of natural light that hits all of my countertops. 

Get some clear and light colored glass roller bottles for essential oils:

Clear Rollers With Gold Colored Lids

Pack of 12 clear glass rollers with gold colored lids.

Clear Rollers With Black Lids

Pack of 24 clear rollers with black lids.

Frosted Pink Rollerball Bottles

Pack of 6 frosted pink roller with wood grain lids.

Different Sized Roller Bottles

Aside from the color, you may want different sized bottles. I won a giveaway once and received a giant essential oil rollerball (among other things). This will last me a long time! But they are perfect for oils you use daily, or that you need a lot of.

I also regularly have a stock of tiny bottles, to make samples for friends and family.

Here are some different sized rollerballs for essential oils:

Small 5 ml Rollers - Amber

Pack of 24 amber mini rollers.

Small Square 5 ml Rollers - Clear

Small 3-ml square rollers.

Large 30 ml Roller - Amber

Large 30 ml amber roller.

Don’t forget the labels!

You also might want some labels for your bottles since you are likely going to have a few different ones. Check out this post to see our favorite labels:

Essential Oil Bottle Labels

Keep Rollin’

Roll on bottles for essential oils are foundational if you are hoping to experience the many, many natural benefits that oils can provide.

They are pretty cheap, so stocking up and making a few at a time is the best way to encourage you to use them regularly.

Store them in places that you’ll reach for them frequently:

  • Your night stand
  • Your bathroom drawer/counter
  • Your purse
  • The table next to the door so you can use them on your way out

Make it a habit to use roller regularly and you’ll likely be a happier and healthy person 🙂

Make sure to follow along on Instagram for frequent rollerball tips and recipes:


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