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Essential Oils And Wellness

Your Summer Guide – Essential Oils For Summer

By May 15, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

We all know summer is the best season.

This is when we are the happiest and most free.

Many people base their entire year around summer (mandatory if you live in the midwest).

But, with the joys of summer and all of it’s fantastic activities, there are trials nonetheless.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the popular activities and frustrations we face in the summer, such as too much sun on our skin or bug bites while spending time outside. We also list some of our favorite essential oils for summer!

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10 Best Essential Oils For Summer

There are certain oils that were just made for summer. When it’s hot out, when you are feeling lazy, when the sun is so intense, these oils will help you to enjoy the season fully.

1. Peppermint

An amazingly refreshing oil that will help you cool down. It also energizes and uplifts, so it’s great in the morning. Add a few drops to your diffuser in the morning or to your morning shower. You can also diffuse it in the car on the way to work or any summer activities.

2. Spearmint

Similar to peppermint with a slightly different scent, Spearmint is a bit more subtle and gentle. This oil has cooling properties to help feel cool and refreshed, even in the midst of crazy heat.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is native to Australia and Tasmania, and has you feeling like you are exploring the outback when you breathe it in. This oil has similar cooling properties to the mint oils, but is quite different. It has a fresh, woodsy aroma that also feels very clean. It’s rejuvenating and stimulating.

4. Carrot Seed

Carrot seed oil is one that is very beneficial, but not isn’t super enjoyable to smell. It’s earthy and herbaceous. It’s great for adding to skin care products and has the potential to offer some sun protection and promotes healthy, hydrated skin.

5. Citronella

This fresh, lemon like oil is a popular summer scent commonly used in outdoor products. Use citronella on your skin before heading outside when bugs are an issue. It smells much better than your typical bug spray and can help create enjoyable outdoor experiences.

6. Lavender

Loved and used year round, lavender is still just as vital in the summer. It’s great to keep on hand when traveling to help you rest and relax in new places, or to help you sleep on planes. It can be used on sunburned skin (with a carrier oil) to refresh and help bring relief.

7. Lemon

This zesty and clean oil is perfect for anytime of the day in summer. Use it in your food or drinks (responsibly), or while cleaning. Just don’t use this (or any other citrus oils) on your skin before spending time in the sun, as these are photosensitive and can react to the sunlight negatively.  

8. Tea Tree

A popular and refreshing oil that can be used to freshen up your home and bring pleasant outdoor aromas inside. Used in on sheets and other linens, as well as with cleaning products, as it helps to eliminate old, musky odors. Tea tree can help promote healthy and clean skin.

9. Cedarwood

The comforting, woodsy aroma is perfect for creating camp vibes without having to be outside, camping. It’s warm and relaxing and is perfect for evening diffusing. Use it to create quiet environments where you need to focus. It’s also great to add to hair and skin care products.

10. Lime

Lime is just happy. It makes you feel like you are on the beach or a boat. It’s incredibly bright and refreshing and perfect for diffusing when in need of energy, uplifted mood or inspired creativity. It is great on your skin, but should not be used before spending time in the sun (use it at night after being in the sun).

Essential Oils For The Outdoors

Being outside is what makes summer, well, summer!

From being in the sun at the beach to hiking and camping in the woods, there are many joys that come with summer.

There are also many annoyances – sunburn, bug bites, excessive heat. But luckily nature has provided essential oils that naturally help with all of our summertime issues!

Use these recipes and essential oils for summer outdoor activities.

Oils For The Sun

When it comes to the sun, you first want to protect yourself from it. You want to avoid sunburns if at all possible.

Second, when you do inevitably get burned, you’ll want relief and quick healing.

There are certain oils that should not be applied topically before spending time in the sun, as they are photosensitive and react when the sunlight hits it, helping you burn easier.

Avoid applying these oils before going out into the sun:



If you do apply any of these, make sure to fully cover the area before going into the sun. Photo-toxicity could start after only a couple of minutes.

Now, for the opposite effect (protection from the sun),

There are a lot of people who use and claim that essential oils offer sun protection. However, it doesn’t currently seem like there is enough evidence to fully support that.

Specifically, Carrot Seed oil and Raspberry oil (along with coconut oil as a carrier oil) are said to offer sun protection.

I fully believe there could be some benefits, but I would recommend testing out different oils and recipes before using it on your family and heading out for the day.

We use the Young Living sunscreen.

Oils For Insects

Similar to the sun, insects are something that you want to protect from and heal from (since they are bound to get you at some point).

Citronella is used widely in summertime products such as insect repellent, outdoor candles and sunscreen. It’s fresh, lemony scent is pleasant enough to wear on your skin (unlike traditional bug spray).

Keep citronella essential oil on hand at all times in the summer!

Use this outdoor spray recipe to freshen up your porch or patio before having company over, by adding this to a small spray bottle:

+ 5 drops Citronella,
+ 3 drops Lemongrass,
+ 1 drop Peppermint,
+ 2 oz witch hazel,
+ 2 oz water

And to keep bugs off your skin, mix the following together in a 20 ml bottle to apply to skin before heading out into bug-land:

+ 30 drops geranium
+ 30 drops citronella
+ 20 drops lavender
+ 20 drops purification
+ 10 drops peppermint
+ 10 drops eucalyptus

Top it off with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil and rub on skin before going outside.

And for the backyard, you can also add drops of citronella to anything soft – pillows, cushions, hammocks, umbrellas, etc. to help ward off annoying bus as well.

When the bugs do eventually get you, use this recipe for relief from the itch:

+ 10 drops Lavender
+ 10 drops Purification

Add oils to a roller bottle and top with a carrier oils and apply on itchy (unbroken) skin.

Oils For Summer Travel

For some, summer travel is a road trip to the ocean, or a national park, or even across the states.

For others, summer means heading overseas.

Whatever you have coming up, there are oils to help make the journey better (and safer).

Oils For Long Drives

If you are heading out for a road trip of any size (2+ hours on the road), I would highly recommend getting a car diffuser if you don’t already have one.

They are super affordable and will fill your car with your favorite aromas.

For long drives, you’ll definitely want to diffuse peppermint to help whoever is driving to stay awake and alert.

I know how tempting it might be to put lavender in the diffuser to help your kids take a nap, but if it makes you sleepy, that is a big fat NO!

Check out our favorite car diffuser on Amazon here.

Or read our post about using car diffusers and choosing the best one.

Peppermint can also help with uneasy stomachs due to winding roads. If you are a Young Living member, get TummyGize or DiGize for effective tummy support during rough drives.


Oils For Flying

There are 2 big concerns when flying: calming your nerves (for the nervous flyers) and staying healthy.

For the uneasy flyers among us (raises hand) bring these oils to help relax during your flight:

StressAway (Young Living blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Ocotea, Lavender and Vanilla Extract)

Rub a few drops on your feet or your wrists.

Ever had to sit next to the really sick person on your flight that can’t stop coughing? I’ve been that sick person…(sorry everyone).

But don’t let someone else get you sick right when you are starting your vacation!

If you have Young Living oils, come prepared with all the Thieves oil! (Young Living blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary)

Make an immune support roller and lather up before and during your flight:

10 drops Thieves
10 drops Oregano
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Peppermint
10 drops Tea Tree

Top with a carrier oil.

For kids age 2-5, add 5 drops of Thieves to a roller and top with a carrier oil.

Lavender and Frankincense are also great on the plane if it’s a long flight. Use these sleepy time oils on yourself or your kids to help doze off and pass the time.

Essential Oils For The Heat

During the winter, we crave the summer heat.

Unfortunately, we are fickle people. Once we have the summer heat, we often look for any way to get out of it!

Use these oils to help you cool down and chill in the midst of the heat waves:


Menthol is present in both peppermint and spearmint (and eucalpytol in eucalyptus) which helps to “trick” your brain into thinking you are cooler than you really are.

Simply diffuse one, or a combination of these oils for a refreshing aroma that helps you feel cooler.

Though, since these oils are quite stimulating, they might not be a good idea before bed.

Lastly, Make Sure To Enjoy Summer

Summer is just around the corner for us and we couldn’t be more excited!

Even when we don’t have any grandiose plans for the most epic summer ever, we plan to make the most of each and every day.

I hope you do the same!

What are your favorite uses for essential oils for summer? Have any recipes that need to be shared?

I would love to hear! Send me a message on Instagram 🙂


Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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