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The Best Essential Oil Storage Options For Home and Travel
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Essential Oils And Wellness

The Best Essential Oil Storage Options For Home and Travel

By May 10, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments
different types of essential oil storage options

Let’s face it. You probably have essential oils all over the place. There’s probably at least 1 bottle you can’t even find.

You need somewhere to put your oils. You need to give them a home. And that home shouldn’t be your kitchen counter or on top of your dresser. They need a permanent home.

You need to find the perfect essential oil storage for your home and the perfect case to take them on the go.

This post will help you to discover what types of storage options there are and which one best meets your needs. Keep your oils organized and safe. Oh, and keep your home a little cleaner too 😉

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Why EO Storage | At Home And Hidden | At Home On Display | On The Go

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Why You Need To Take Essential Oil Organization Seriously

After a while, things in our home tend to pile up in places they shouldn’t be. Things also get moved constantly, so we never seem to know where anything is.

I finally realized that it’s because certain items were never given a permanent home. If they don’t have a home, they become drifters and squatters, taking up space in your home where they shouldn’t be.

Even essential oils can become that way. Sure, they are tiny, but most people have a number of oil bottles, roller bottles and accessories. 10 tiny bottles can quickly make an entire kitchen look messy if they aren’t organized properly.

By simply deciding on a home for your essential oils, you will feel much more at ease. You will always know where your oils are, and where they should go. And they will look clean, organized and happy in whichever essential oil holder you choose.

Also, have you ever tried to pick up one bottle of oil and knocked over like 4 in the process? Doesn’t that absolutely infuriate you? Most of the options listed below will prevent that from happening.

It’s a pretty basic thing, really. But it’s super important for your sanity and the sanity of those you share a home with!

Different Types Of Storage For Essential Oils

There are 3 main storage categories for essential oils:

  1. At home and hidden away
  2. At home and on display for all to see
  3. On the go

When it comes to your essential oil collection at home, there are 2 types of people – those who want to show off their oils at all times, and those who want to hide them away.

Hidden Away

For those who want to hide them away, an essential oil storage box of some sort is likely a good option. Everything is stored inside, you close it up, it’s out of sight.

Maybe the bottles just don’t go with your home decor and aesthetic. Maybe the colored labels clash with your all-white everything. Or maybe no one in your house wants to see them (tell them they are wrong).

There are plenty of ways to keep your oils hidden when not in use.

On Display

On the other side of the coin are those who like to display their oil collection at all times. Maybe they just use them too much and always want them super accessible. Or maybe they just want other people to see the oils.

Or maybe they are just so darn important to you that you just like to see them. All the time. Just like photos of your kids.

For this group, an essential oil shelf might be perfect, if you want them up on a wall. Or maybe you’d prefer a tabletop essential oil display for the top of your dresser or kitchen counter.

On The Go

And for when we are on the go, it helps to have a case designed to hold and protect oils. Whether you are out for a few hours and only need a tiny case (like my wallet and oil holder that I love) or you are traveling far and long and want to bring a lot of oils, you can get an awesome essential oil travel case.

So if you are ready to give your beloved oils a home of their home, read on to find the perfect essential oil holder for you.

The 17 Best Essential Oil Storage Ideas For All Your Needs

Essential Oils Hidden At Home

Here are some of the best storage options for those looking to keep their oils tucked away.

1 – Large Essential Oil Storage Box

One of the most popular oil containers, this 3 tiered case can hold 45 bottles and 14 roller balls. It’s basically an essential oil storage chest! The rollerbottles fit in the tall, narrow sections on the bottom.

Even though it can hold so much, it’s quite compact and doesn’t take up a ton of space. So you can keep it tucked away on your kitchen counter or dresser. And it can be moved super easily.

It also comes with an essential oil bottle opener and labels for your bottle caps so that you instantly know where each oil is.

2 – Flat Essential Oil Box

This essential oil box looks smaller, since it’s flat, but actually holds up to 68 bottles and roller balls!

This super popular essential oil case also includes labels to help you find oils easily. Inside the lid is a foam pad with a lotus design. It’s removable if you don’t love the color or design, but it helps keep the oils from moving when you take this box on the go, so it’s good to keep around.

The natural pine wood is easily stainable or paintable if you want to truly make it your own.

3 – Antique Style Essential Oil Wooden Box

This box is quite similar in function to the one listed before – a flat box that holds up to 69 bottles and roller balls. However, the wood is stained and finished and protects from essential oil stains.

It has 2 cute handles for easy carrying and could be a fantastic addition to your home if it matches your home decor. It also comes with bottle labels and has a removable divider for when you need to store larger items inside.

4 – Oil Bottle Drawer Divider

If you are looking to keep things simple and out of sight using a storage option you already have (a drawer), than you can simply get one or more of these drawer dividers.

They fit in any standard sized drawer and fit essential oil bottles perfectly. If you have a box or storage case of some sort already, these may work in there as well. Plus, the removable pieces allow you to customize it to fit your specific needs.

Essential Oil Display Options

There are many ways to display your essential oil collection. Here are some of our favorite options. However, you can typically use anything designed for nail polish or spices. You can also use wall shelves of any sort.

5 – Essential Oil Shelf

This adorable little wooden shelf holds up to 24 bottles. Hang this on the wall for easy access and display of your favorite oils. It’s on the rustic side and comes with the “I love my oils” engraving at the top.

Taller bottles will fit on the top shelf. The bottom 2 shelves are 3 inches high, so any bottle under 3 inches will fit.

6 – Rustic Essential Oil Wall Shelf

This shelf is versatile and beautiful (if you are into the rustic wood vibe). You can hang it horizontally or vertically. It has 9 different cubbies and can also house items on top. And it you do not want to mount it to the wall, it sits nicely on flat surfaces.

You can easily display a number of oils on this shelf. But because it’s larger, it doesn’t only fit oil bottles. You can place small plants or other decorations on this shelf for a nice variety.

It would look amazing with a few succulents or other small plants mixed in with your oil bottles.

7 – Clear Essential Oil Wall Rack

This rack is simple yet powerful. It can hold up to 102 bottles! It’s made of clear acrylic so you can easily identify any oil you have displayed here.

It might not be a rack you display in your living room, but it’s perfect for your bedroom, laundry room or bathroom if you have enough wall space for it. If your house isn’t huge and countertop space is limited, essential oil wall storage is the way to go.

If you have a ton of essential oils, or if you have other bottles you want displayed as well, such as nail polish or other items, this is an efficient option.

8 – Minimal Clear Essential Oil Display Shelves

These shelves are similar in function as the above, but comes with 3 separate shelves, rather than one large piece. So you can organize them a little differently. You can line them up perfectly, stagger them on the wall, and space them out however you want.

If your wall space requires a bit more creativity, this flexible shelf option is a great choice. And since you can space them out as much as you want, you can house much taller items (like my Thieves toothpaste or other essential oil products I have).

9 – Metal Essential Oil Tree Rack

This essential oil display rack is vibrant! With a tree and bird design, this sturdy, metal rack can hold up to 70 bottles.

Displays like this are often used in salons but can definitely be used at home for those looking for a decorative bronze vibe.

10 – Rotating Essential Oil Bottle Holder

I love this tabletop bottle holder. The 4 levels are beautifully designed and the ability to rotate is incredibly useful.

The smaller holes on the top level fit roller bottles nicely to keep them from falling over. This can fit up to 63 bottles. It’s perfect for 5-15 ml bottles. Depending on how wide your 30+ ml bottles are, they might not fit.

11 – Wooden Essential Oil Rack

This adorable little display stand is perfect for those who only have a few oils (but they come in a 1 pack or 2 pack).

They are minimally designed and do not take up much space. This wooden essential oil holder will be perfect in your bathroom or on your night stand or dresser.

It holds up to 11 bottles (5 in front, 6 in back) and staggers them so that you can see the ones in the back a little easier. The holes fit up to 20 ml bottles, though some 30 ml bottles may fit, depending on how wide they are.

This is perfect for those looking to keep things simple.

12 – 3 Piece Essential Oil Stand

These elegant little stands are awesome. Your oils lay on the rack with the label facing up, perfect for a low counter, so that you don’t have to bend down to see which oil is which.

It comes with 3 pieces that you can line up back to back, or use them separately: 1 in your bedroom, 1 in the bathroom, 1 in the kitchen. They also work super great in drawers. While not as space efficient as a drawer divider, if you only have a handful of oils, this would be the better option.

Essential Oils On The Go

When you are on the move, it helps to have a proper way to transport oil bottles, rather than buried in your purse or rolling all over the car.

And when you are traveling for more than a day or 2, it’s super helpful to have a travel case that not only organizes, but protects your oils from moving or breaking. Here are some amazing travel cases for your oils.

13 – Small Oil Bottle and Roller Ball Wallet

I use this a similar one daily and take it everywhere with me (the one I have is no longer available). It’s so much less stressful than my old wallet. All I can fit in it are a few cards and my driver’s license. The rest of the wallet is lined with roller bottles or 5 ml oil bottles (15 ml bottles are too wide for the straps and don’t fit).

This wallet can hold up to 10 small oil bottles or roller bottles, 4 credit cards and has a separate money holder for cash. It’s wrist strap makes it super convenient to carry around. It also has a hard shell to ensure safety of your bottles.

This has basically replaced my entire purse.

14 – Mini Essential Oil Travel Bag

This cute little bag is next in line. It’s about as big as the wallet I use listed above, but this is a soft bag that holds 6 essential oil bottles (not roller bottles).

It’s cute, easy to carry around or place in a larger bag. It’s perfect for heading out for just 1 or 2 days.

15 – Large Essential Oil Bag

Heading out for a 1+ week trip? Bring a large portion of your oil collection with this rectangular travel bag. This is probably the most popular travel case for essential oils.

It holds up to 30 oil bottles and has a netted pocket inside to hold some roller bottles and other small accessories. The top handle makes it super convenient to carry this around, and the padded divider will keep your bottles snug and save.

16 – Diffuser And Bottle Travel Bag

This bag is definitely genius. It houses a diffuser in the middle and essential oil bottles along the side. It holds up to 10 bottles, as well as the power adaptor and diffuser itself. A must have for any overnight trip.

These fit a lot of standard size diffusers that are not overly wide. The XL version can fit the Young Living Desert Mist diffuser.

17 – Shock Resistant Essential Oil Carrying Case

I’m going to be honest, I don’t love the design of this case, especially the large logo on top. I’m also not much of a purple fan.


This case serves an important purpose. If I were traveling far and needed to check a bag (you know, the bags they throw as hard as they can onto the airplane while you watch from your seat in horror), I would want to make sure my oils were in a case like this.

The bottles fit snug and secure inside the case, and the case itself is a firm, soft shell. Which means it can be packed in a suitcase without worry. It is quite large though, so if you are getting it for travel, make sure you realize how much space it will take up.

So Many Options, But Only One Is The Best

The best case for your oils is the one YOU want. The one that suits your needs and the needs of your house.

If you want to use the same case for home and travel, then maybe avoid the wooden boxes and get a soft shell case.

If you want to display all of your oils because it makes you feel happy, or so people ask about them when they come over, get a wall shelf!

Or if your husband or roommate is giving you a hard time for always having oils everywhere, you might need to settle for a drawer organizer.

There’s no one size fits all. And honestly, it makes sense to have various essential oil holders (at least at some point) for different purposes and locations.

Maybe you use one essential oil storage case as your main hub. Then you have a smaller essential oil holder in the bathroom for oils you use frequently in there, and another in your bedroom for your night routine oils.

I believe in the power of organization and preparedness. You want oils in the places that you are likely to use them. So make it easy on yourself and set your home up for oily success.

Do you have a creative way of storing your oil collection?

I’d love to hear! Send me a message on Instagram 🙂


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