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The Benefits Of An Essential Oil Necklace And The Different Types
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The Benefits Of An Essential Oil Necklace And The Different Types

By July 21, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

Essential oils work best when you use them frequently. One way to do that is by wearing an essential oil necklace.

These make it super easy to inhale the aroma and experience benefits of essential oils with you everywhere that you go. And no, they aren’t all super cheesy.

There are so many different types of oil necklaces and so many styles that there is definitely something out there that you would wear!

Read below to find out why wearing one is a good idea, or skip ahead to see the different types and styles of oil necklaces:

What Is An Oil Necklace | Different Types Of Oil Necklace

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What Is An Essential Oil Necklace?

An essential oil necklace is basically a tiny oil diffuser that you can wear around your neck.

The goal with wearing one is to experience the benefits of oils wherever you go. You can wear a classy necklace for work or going out, or wear a minimal or casual one for spending time outdoors. 

You can enjoy the aroma of your favorite oils at any time. Say you have an important meeting or interview and are feeling seriously nervous. Wear the necklace, along with some calming oils to help out.

Honestly, they are super simple. But they work and yes, they can look good too!

How Does An Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Work?

Depending on what material the necklace is made of, the diffuser is meant to hold the oil inside and let it slowly evaporate into the air around it. This slow evaporation can make 2-3 drops of oil last an entire day.

Some types of necklaces will have a soft pad on the inside that absorb the oils and slowly release the aroma through small holes.

Other necklaces, such as clay or lava rock, can absorb the oils right into the material itself and then slowly release the aroma into the air.  Additionally, you might also feel the benefits through your skin, as the necklace rests against your neck or chest.

Reasons To Wear An Essential Oil Necklace

There are so many benefits of using essential oils. Wearing an essential oil diffuser necklace is simply a creative way of using oils on a daily basis. The more you use oils, the more benefits you will experience.

A necklace will allow you to keep the oils flowing when you leave home and don’t have a diffuser nearby. Reasons to wear one daily:

1 – Health and immune support

Oils can be really good at supporting your immune system and keeping you healthy, especially in seasons where things are going around.

Use an essential oil necklace diffuser with oils such as peppermint, lemon, lavender, or tea tree for immune support.

2 – Focus and energy

Heading to work? Give yourself a boost in energy that will last all day with oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus oils such as lemon, lime or grapefruit.

On top of that, help your mind to focus and concentrate on important tasks and prevent scatterbrain.

3 – Natural Perfume

You don’t only have to wear oils for yourself. Wear it for others! Perfume (and anything that contains “fragrance”) is often full of synthetic compounds that are terrible for you.

You can easily make your own perfume with essential oils or simply add them to a necklace for others to experience when they are near you. (check out Stink Movie on Netflix to learn about the fragrance industry)

4 – Reduce stress and boost your mood

There are many oils that can help to reduce your stress levels, help you to breathe deeply, and lift your spirits.

Fight off high stress levels and stay strong in the midst of daily life or high stress activities such as work, meetings, interviews, and social activities.

Different Types Of Essential Oil Necklaces

There are many different styles of oil necklaces for different types of people.  Different materials also provide a different sensory experience, so it may be worth trying multiple diffuser necklaces in search of your favorite.

Lava Stone

Let’s be honest, lava stone sounds really cool. It’s very porous, meaning that it can absorb the oils directly and slowly release the aroma over time.

They have a unique look, and the lava rock can be shaped in many different ways. They can be quite minimal, with nothing but a stone, or can have a pendent with the stone inside.

These are probably the most popular type of oil necklace due to their effectiveness and variety in style. Here are some great options:

Natural Lava Stone, Silver Pendant With 6 Dyed Lava Beads

Add 1-3 drops of oil to your choice of colored lava rock and insert into locket.

Double Lava Stone, Minimalist Pendant Necklace

2 absorbent, genuine lava rocks. Add 1-2 drops to each stone.

Heart Pendant With 7 Colored Lava Stones And Snake Chain

Heart pendant opens so you can add your choice of colored lava rock.

Hexagon Framed Lava Stone Necklace

Silver or gold stainless steel chain with a framed lava stone.

Copper Feather + Lava + Labradorite Necklace

1 Lava stone, 1 copper feather and 1 labradorite stone on a rose gold, steel chain.

Gold, Minimalist Lava Rock Diffuser Necklace

Dainty and minimal lava necklace with your choice of metal chain.

Oil Bottle/Vial Necklace

These unique necklaces can be quite a bit bigger and make more of a statement. The small bottles will hold a few drops of oils and will slowly release the aroma. 

Some bottle necklaces use actual rollerball bottles. So they won’t release aroma into the air, but you can unscrew the cap to use the roller ball on your skin, then screw it back onto the necklace.

Here are some unique essential oil bottle necklaces:

Glass Vial Essential Oil Necklace

Silver or steel chain and your choice of glass color.

Handmade Rose Quartz Essential Oil Necklace

Small vial inside the quartz holds essential oil.

Lotus Flower Rollerball Necklace

Silver or gold necklace and lid.

Felt Pad Necklace

Felt pad necklaces are also very common oil necklaces. They typically have some sort of locket than you can open, with a felt or wool pad inside. You’ll add a few drops of oil to the pad, close the locket, and wear around your neck for slow, constant diffusing right below your head.

These are essentially the same thing as most car diffusers. The difference is the strength of the aroma released. Since car diffusers are attached to your car’s air vent, they have strong air blowing from behind them to push more aroma out.

The necklace won’t have that air flow, so the strength will be much lower. However, the oils will last a lot longer. These necklaces are also usually more affordable.

Here are some popular options:

2 Different Patterns - Locket Necklaces

Comes with 2 styles of locket and 12 different colored pads.

Whistle Shaped Essential Oil Necklace

Stainless steel locket with 10 different colored pads.

Minimalist Gold Plated Diffuser Necklace

Includes 3 white, wool pads that fit inside locket.

Other Types Of Oil Necklaces

We’ve listed the most popular types above, but there are a few other unique type of necklaces you may be interested in.


This necklace is made of sandstone, which is also quite absorbent. Apply your oils directly to the stone and let dry to avoid staining any clothing.


Leather can also be used to absorb oils directly. These are super unique and make a bold statement. Many men wear oil necklaces like this, but can easily be worn by anybody.


This eco-friendly diffuser necklace is made from terra cotta clay and absorbs oils well. Simply add 1-2 drops per day for easy and lasting diffusing. 


You can get an essential oil necklace for kids as well! Here are some cute options:

Kids Felt Pad Diffuser Necklace

Multiple fun designs available.

Kids Terra Cotta Clay Necklace

Easy to use clay diffuser necklace with cute designs.

Getting an essential oil diffuser necklace may just be your next step into daily oil usage. Again, the more you use them, the more you benefit and the more you’ll love them.

There’s far more ways to use them than just using your home diffuser. You could get a car diffuser, a personal oil inhaler (if you don’t wan’t to always wear your on-the-go diffuser), or simple make some roller bottles to take with you.

Enjoy essential oils everywhere 😉

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