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Essential Oils And Wellness

Essential Oil Labels For Any Type Of Bottle

By July 13, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

It’s really, really nice when you can find the right bottle of essential oil quickly.

That’s where essential oil labels come in handy. They can be put on bottles, on the tops of lids, or on other DIY products to make your life much easier.

It’s also nice to share oils with others!

If you plan to share oils and DIY products with family and friends, you’ll want some essential oil labels for bottles, roller bottles, cosmetic jars, etc. 

Here are some of the different types of essential oil bottle labels you might need and where to get them or how to make them!

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Different Types Of Essential Oil Labels

Essential Oil Bottle Labels

Obviously, when you buy essential oils, the bottles will already be labeled. But if you ever get extra oil bottles to make your own blends or to share oils with family and friends, it helps to label it for them.

Here are some essential oil bottle labels:

864 Waterproof, Printable Labels (Some Come Pre-Printed)

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597 Waterproof, Printable Labels – White

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256 Kraft Paper Labels – Single Use (Not Waterproof)

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Roller Bottle Labels

If you use oils regularly, you likely have a handful of roller bottles for super easy application to your skin for you or your babies.

Make them even more appealing to use with some classy roller bottle labels.

Here are some of our favorite essential oil roller bottle labels:

24 Vinyl Roller Bottle Labels

Get Them Here

20 Vinyl Roller Bottle Labels

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9 Waterproof Labels

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Bottle Cap Labels

Many oil kits or bundles (such as the Young Living Starter Kit) comes with bottle cap labels so you can look down on your oils and spot what you need right away.

These are super helpful so you don’t have to sift through bottle after bottle, making a big mess of your kitchen counter (or wherever you keep your oils).

It’s also necessary for any type of storage container where oil bottles sit inside a hole. 

These typically aren’t fancy (they are kind of too small to be fancy), and you can check out some of these bottle cap labels:

624 Bottle Cap Labels With Young Living Blends

Get Them Here

576 Bottle Cap Labels With Young Living Blends

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576 Illustrated Bottle Cap Labels With Young Living Blends

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Other Essential Oil Labels

Some other labels you might need for your oily collection might be labels for 

  • Spray Bottles
  • Cosmetic Jars
  • Random Glass Containers

For spray bottles, you can check out
Thieves Cleaner Bottle Labels

For cosmetic jars, or other random containers you might use (such as for DIY deodorant, DIY lip balm, or literally anything else), I would recommend small, simple labels with this label maker.

Here’s why I love it.

How To Make Labels For Essential Oil Bottles

Here’s how to make labels for essential oil bottles (which is honestly my favorite thing to do) I use a simple, cheap label maker that I got from Amazon.

It creates labels that look like this –

how to make labels for essential oil bottles

I personally love the way these look, so most of the labels I use come from this label maker. It’s nice because you just spell anything you want. Your not limited to the standard oil name that comes with most labels. 

Make your own blends and name them after your kids or spouse, or come up with something creative.

You can use these DIY essential oil labels on oil bottles, roller bottles, spray bottles, cosmetic jars, and a bunch of other things in your life (not limited to essential oils), such as bins and storage containers, drawers and cabinets and much more. 

Check out this super simple label maker here.

Organization Is Key

When it comes to a growing essential oil collection, anything that helps keep you clean and organized is necessary.

This could be essential oil labels or a specific storage container to keep your oils in one tidy place. 

Oils can get out of hand. Fast.

Keeping them organized will help you to enjoy using them more frequently. Keep it organized and use them often!

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