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Essential Oils And Wellness

Essential Oil Gifts That People Would Get Excited About

By August 17, 2019 October 16th, 2019 No Comments

Let’s be honest – if you are reading this, there is no better type of gift to get than essential oil gifts. If you love oils, you want more 😉

There’s always more oils to try and more ways to use them. But what if you want to get a gift for someone who doesn’t yet appreciate oils the way you do?

Well, in this post, we’ll talk about 2 different types of essential oils gifts:

  1. For those who already use and love oils (and probably already have a lots of oils and general oil related items)
  2. For those who don’t use oils or know anything about them (but you would really like them to try oils without being weird about it!)

So depending on who you might be shopping for, you can skip ahead to each section:

Gifts For Oil Lovers | Gifts For [Not Yet] Oil Lovers

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Essential Oil Gifts For Oil Lovers

It might feel pretty difficult to think of an oily gift for someone who already loves and uses oils. But let’s be real – as an oil lover, there is always something else to try!

It could be as simple as sharing some oils you have that might be more expensive or hard to get in a small sample bottle (or buying a new bottle for them).

For example, if somebody got me some Royal Hawaaian Sandalwood, Blue Tansy or Rose, I would be ecstatic! Whether it’s a new bottle or just a small 1-2 ml sample. 

Or you might consider a fancier version of a product they already use. Most people have amber roller bottles, for example. But there are some other (and more expensive) beautiful roller bottle options that I would be happy to have in my purse, that I might not buy for myself.

Here are a few gift ideas we recommend for your oil-loving friends and family!

1 – A Rare or expensive essential oil

It typically takes a person a long time to work their way up to the more expensive essential oils. If you know they love oils and haven’t yet used some of these oils, you can light up their world by buying a bottle, or even buy one to split between yourself and them (no shame! Just put it in a cute sample bottle).

Regarding Young Living oils, these might include:

  • Rose
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
  • Blue Tansy
  • Melissa
  • Neroli
  • Jasmine

Or a few others that cost more than $60/bottles.

If looking to share a bottle with them, it would probably look better if you got them a small sample bottle, rather than gave them a half filled bottle (like hey, here’s my leftovers).

Get sample bottles here.

2 – Diffuser blends or rollers that use a rare oil

So maybe you don’t want to give them that much of your prized rose oil. But maybe you make them a diffuser blend or a special roller bottle that has that oil in it, so they can at least try it!

I remember shortly after I first started using oil, someone sent me a roller that had blue tansy in it and I was ecstatic!

I never thought for a second, “I wish they sent me an entire bottle of blue tansy instead…” NO. I was thrilled to even get that. I used it up and was committed to getting to a point where I could get that oil for myself!

So whip up something special and send it along!

3 – Unique Roller Bottles

The most important aspect of a roller bottle is its ability to keep light and heat from affecting the oils inside. That’s why most people have dark amber colored roller bottles (and why all essential oils come in dark colored bottles). 

But there are more ways to block light than dark amber. Try some of these:

Pink & Gold Rollers

Wood Rollers

Black And Gold Rollers

4 – A classy diffuser

I don’t yet have the stone Vitruvi diffuser, but if someone got one for me, I wouldn’t be upset 😉

5 – Other DIY products

If they love oils, then they would love to try and DIY product made with oils that can replace a potentially toxic product they buy from the store.

This could be anything from lip balm to deodorant, laundry detergent or perfume. If you can think it, there’s a recipe for it.

I would try anything that a [trusted] friend made me using essential oils! It might become my new favorite product and eliminate a toxic product from my daily life.

Find some recipes and products you like and make extra. Spread the word that oils can accomplish so much in our daily lives and we don’t have to rely on store-bought, chemical filled products everyday!

Check out our DIY cleaning recipes (using Thieves from Young Living) here.

Essential Oil Gifts For [Not Yet] Oil Lovers

And when planning a gift for someone who doesn’t yet use oils, you probably need to keep it low-key. Buying an entire starter kit with a diffuser might be a bit too much. 

But they would probably love the ability to try a few different oils. Here are some ideas.

DIY Essential Oil Gift Set

For someone who doesn’t use oils, the best thing you can do for them is to get oils in their hands and home!

I would recommend making them a small basket or care package. Choose a theme depending on the stage of life their in:

  • Just had a baby – think sleep deprivation, baby issues (not sleeping through the night, tummy aches, etc)
  • Recently moved into a new house – maybe a cute diffuser with some general oils or blends to help remove stale odors
  • Back to school time – sick season is coming so keep those kids healthy

A few items I would include in a gift basket:

  • 2-4 essential oil sample bottles – single oils
    Lavender, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, frankincense, bergamot, tea tree, etc
  • A few diffuser bombs – premixed packets that just need to be opened and poured directly into the diffuser – so easy they can’t mess it up!
  • A small bottle of an amazing smelling diffuser blend, such as the Anthropologie blend
  • 2-3 roller bottles – A wellness roller, maybe a sleep roller for adults and a sleep roller for kids
  • A lovely note explaining what each thing in the basket is and how it should be used

And of course you can add to it. Maybe even add other non-oil products to make it a little less essential oil focused. Or add more depending on what you know about them.

For example, if you know they or their kids have allergies, give them oils that help with allergies!

To make any of the things listed above, you might need some of these:

Sample Bottles

Diffuser Bomb Packets

Roller Bottles

Non-DIY Essential Oils Gifts

1 – Low cost, high quality diffuser

This minimal diffuser is awesome, very affordable, and can with anyone’s home style (The picture shows the blue LED light on, but I like it better without a light on as it’s all white).

2 – Laundry Kit

Wool Dryer Balls + Oil to add to dryer balls (lemongrass) + DIY stain stick

Wool dryer balls are all natural dryer sheets. They are reusable for a long time, saving money over buying dryer sheets. They also help to move clothes around in the dryer, helping them dry quicker, saving money in energy costs.

Plus, you can add a few drops of oils onto them to impart a refreshing aroma to the finished laundry. Way healthier than toxic dryer sheets!

3 – Thieves and NingXia samples

If you are a Young Living member, I would definitely consider sharing some other Young Living samples.

Both Thieves and NingXia products are amazing and I share them any chance I get (and everyone seriously loves them).

Young living has single packets of Thieves Cleaner and NingXia Red, and throwing some of those in a gift basket would be icing on the cake!

You can also add Thieves Hand Purifier and small Thieves Spray bottles.

(not a Young Living member? Here’s how to join to get the best pricing!)

Just Get Them Something

Don’t overthink it. Honestly, if you get them something that smells good, they’ll be happy, right 😉

Or as long as there is a handwritten card, you’ve already given them one of the most intentional gifts they received in a while.

Seriously though, don’t forget a handwritten card. 

Happy gifting!

Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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