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Must Have Essential Oil Accessories To Make Life Easier
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Must Have Essential Oil Accessories To Make Life Easier

By April 9, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments
essential oil roller bottle and essential oil spray bottle

The only thing you actually need are essential oils.

With a few bottles of oils, you can experience so many benefits without needing anything else.

However, using oils more often is much easier when you have a few basic tools on hand.

Here are a few essential oil accessories that will make your oily journey much easier, more enjoyable and even more effective!

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All The Essential Oil Accessories You Need For Effective Oil-ing!

Roller Bottles

Essential oil roller bottles might be the most common way of using essential oils other than diffusing and is definitely the first essential oil accessory you need. By mixing essential oils with a carrier oil in a roller bottle, you’ll be much more likely to use oils throughout your day.

All you have to do is take the top off and rub – on your feet, wrists, back, chest, kids, etc. These are perfect to leave in your bathroom to be a part of your morning or night time routine, to have in your purse or car for on the go use, or to give to people so they can try out oils themselves.

Roller ball bottles have a gasket that fits tightly at the bottle opening with a metal ball. This design allows for a small amount of oil to come out while rubbing on your skin. You don’t have to worry about accidentally using too much oil, as it comes out very evenly.

Glass roller bottles are the way to go, as plastic is not ideal for strong oils that will likely stay inside the bottles for long periods of time.

Spray Bottles

Essential oil spray bottles are perfect for making hair sprays, perfumes and cleaning products. You can smaller mist sprayers for perfumes or hair sprays, and larger trigger spray bottles for DIY cleaners and fresheners.

What’s great about these essential oil bottles is that they usually come with regular screw on lids as well, so you can use these bottles as storage for anything that you make, such as a massage oil, face serum, extra cleaners, and pretty much anything else!

Having a few small and large spray bottles on hand is super convenient.

Pump Bottles

Essential oil pump bottles are another simple, yet life changing accessory to have. First off, they are perfect for carrier oils. If you buy a carrier oil and it doesn’t come with a pump, simply pour the oil into one of these pump bottles.

This will allow you to add a quick pump of oil to your hands, add a drop or 2 of essential oil, then apply topically for a one-and-done kind of use. Perfect for when you don’t have a pre-made mixture of whatever you need at that moment.

You can also use these bottles for homemade essential oil lotions and creams.

Sample Bottles

Essential oil sample bottles are great for letting friends, family and coworkers try out essential oils on their own. They usually come in 1 or 2 ml glass bottles, which are absolutely adorable.

This is definitely a must if you are considering building a business, as you’ll want to share samples with as many people as possible. Even if you are not building the business, you will likely still want to share oils with everyone 😉

Mail them to friends you haven’t seen in a while. Include them in birthday and shower gifts. Ain’t no one going to be mad about getting some essential oil samples!

Empty Essential Oil Bottles

Another great accessory to have on hand, empty essential oil bottles are perfect for anyone who makes their own blends ahead of time. Using a dropper or a funnel, just mix your blends in one of these empty oil bottles.

They are perfect for those who like to try their own blends. You can also use them to take a large essential oil bottle, like 15ml, and make a few 5ml bottles so you can share with friends or family.

Glass Cosmetic Jars

Making your own cream or lotion is a lot easier with a short, wide mouth jar. You want to make sure your hand can reach every corner of the jar in order use all of your body cream without wasting any.

You can make a lotion, a body butter or cream, an ointment for muscles of booboos, a bath scrub and store it in these jars.

If you like using unrefined coconut oil (solid and creamy), shea butter or beeswax, this is the perfect container.

Essential Oil Tools

In order to effectively use any of the essential oil accessories listed above, it helps to have a few additional, simple tools. Many of the bottles and jars come with these, but if not, make sure to have these on hand:


When dealing with essential oils (strong and can be expensive), you don’t want to spill or waste anything. Keep it clean by pouring with a funnel. Also helpful for adding larger amounts of carrier oils to tiny roller bottles.

Get a funnel here.


Avoid the dangers of pouring altogether by using a dropper. This is perfect for adding essential oils to tiny sample bottles, or pretty much anything that requires just a few drops of oils. Safe and easy!

Get essential oil droppers here.

Opener Tool

This tool changed my life. Getting the pouring gasket off the top of the oil bottles is tough and scary without this tool. Plus, you risk spilling everything when trying to pry it off aggressively.

You’ll need this if you are looking to take the pour spout off in order to replace with a roller ball, or if you are needing to pour or use a dropper.

Get the opener tool here.

Carrier Oils

Aside from the vessels and tools needed to use oils in a wide variety of ways, you’ll also want to have at least 1 carrier oil on hand to dilute the oils with, if not a few different carrier oils.

You can read about a bunch of different carrier oils here, otherwise, here are some of the most common carrier oils to use with essential oils.

Coconut Oil

Probably the most popular carrier oil, coconut oil can be used for pretty much anything. It’s awesome on your skin, great for hair, and is obviously great to consume or use in cooking.

It can come in liquid form (fractionated) for easy use in roller bottles or massage oils. You can also get it in solid form (virgin and unrefined) for use as a body butter or cream.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is perfect for your skin. It’s technically a wax, but closely resembles the natural oils of the skin, making it perfect to use on your face or any other part of your body to moisturize without leaving a greasy feel.

It penetrates the skin quickly and easily, allowing you to get essential oils deep into your skin for cleansing and support.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is one of the most affordable carrier oils you can get and is definitely a skin favorite.

Get sweet almond oil here.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a rare oil that only comes from Morocco. It’s a popular choice for hair as it moisturizes and strengthens the hair while also supporting a healthy scalp. If you are looking for softer hair, try argan oil.

It’s great at exfoliating the skin. It helps to mix this oil with other carrier oils as well, because it can be more expensive.

V6 Oil

If you are a Young Living member, you can get their V6 oil, that combines 6 different carrier oils into 1 amazing blend. You’ll get the amazing properties and benefits of coconut oil, sesame seed oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower seed oil, and olive oil.

You can learn more about V6 oil here, or you can learn more about becoming a Young Living member and get access to wholesale prices here.

Essential Oil Diffusers

And of course, if you don’t already have a diffuser to enjoy your essential oils aromatically, you definitely need one. And even if you do already have one, most people realize very quickly that it is ideal to have multiple diffusers so that you don’t have to keep moving them from room to room!

Here are a few different diffusers to make your life a little easier.

Urpower Minimal Diffuser

This diffuser is is very affordable, very popular and really great quality-wise. It has a 500 ml capacity, which is larger than most (more expensive) diffusers. With 7 light colors, adjustable mist output, waterless auto-shut off, this will definitely satisfy your diffusing needs.

It’s a simple design and would work great for a bedroom, kids room or office, where you don’t necessarily need the most aesthetically pleasing diffuser. But when you don’t use the LED light, it’s all white vibe can fit anywhere without clashing.

It can run up to 6 hours at a time and has 2 output settings – continuously or intermittently.

Vitruvi Handmade Ceramic Diffuser

This gorgeous, handmade diffuser is definitely [a few] steps up from most diffusers. This can function purely as decorational to elevate your homes elegance.

But it’s also a high quality diffuser. The perfect option for your living room, or wherever guests hang out most frequently.

Young Living Aria Diffuser

essential oil diffuser aria

This is by far my favorite diffuser. It’s definitely an investment compared to most diffusers out there, but in my opinion (as someone who looooves oils), it’s worth it.

The Aria diffuser is beautifully designed. The half wooden bowl, half glass dome design instantly makes your home more cozy.

It also comes with a remote that allows you to control and select soothing, built in sounds, run time and change the light color. It also contains a built in speaker so that you can really set your own mood.

Learn more why we love it and how to get one here.

You can purchase the diffuser at retail, or you can become a Young Living member for free in order to purchase this (and other products) at wholesale cost, which saves quite a bit.

Desert Mist Diffuser

essential oil diffuser desert mist from young living

This is another diffuser from Young Living. The price point is in between the first diffusers listed and the Aria diffuser, making it pretty approachable.

This simple yet elegant diffuser is honestly perfect. I have 2 at my house and love them. It has multiple output settings, 10 different light colors, and has a longer run time than most diffusers, up to 10 hours.

It also has a candle light flicker mode that I pretty much use every night. It’s perfect.

Learn more about the Desert Mist diffuser here.

You can purchase the diffuser at retail, or you can become a Young Living member for free in order to get this (and other products) at wholesale cost, which saves quite a bit.

You can learn more about becoming a member here (once again, it’s super easy and there are no obligations).

The essential oil accessories listed here are a great place to start if you are still in the beginning stages of your oils and wellness journey.

Sure, there’s always more you can buy, more things to try and new methods to test. But you’ve got plenty of time. These are the foundational tools you will be using daily, so you’ll want to make sure you have some on hand.

If you have any questions about any of the items, or anything else you might need, I would love to hear from you!

You can send me a message on Instagram and ask me anything!


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