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Make and Create

Grandma’s Rhubarb Crisp

For as long as I can remember rhubarb has always been special to our family. My grandparents live in Iowa, and growing up we would make the drive to their lovely little home tucked away in their small midwest town.…
December 30, 2018
Make and Create

Slow Cooker Applesauce

Today we made some homemade slow cooker apple sauce and felt all sorts of fall. My mama had made this before and I couldn't believe how easy it was. If you ever have lots of apples to use up, this…
December 30, 2018
Foster Care

Choosing To Foster – Beginnings

Our journey with Foster care started honestly, probably about a year ago. We were praying about what our next steps would be in growing our family whether that be trying for another baby or possibly looking into adoption. We had…
December 29, 2018