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We're celebrating Thanksgiving and Black Friday All Week Long!

When you order your Young Living Starter Kit this week, get $20 Back On Your Starter Kit Purchase, A $20 Young Living Credit* And More!

Get Your Black Friday Starter Kit Deal Now!

Essential oils are the first step to a clean, natural and wholesome lifestyle

Our entire home and lifestyle has changed since we began using essential oils regularly. We use them in one way or another in every room of our home and while we are on the go.

With oils and other Young Living, natural oil based products, we’ve been able to replace dozens of toxic products from our home including household cleaners, hand and body soaps with synthetic fragrances, bug spray, lotion, harmful candles and literally so much more!

Not only can they help make your home toxin-free, but essential oils have dozens, if not hundreds, of benefits and ways to support our bodies, minds and emotions. Yes please!

When you order your kit this week, I will send you $20 back (!!) and an amazing Blue Tansy Face Serum (high end skin care oil).

Plus, you can also get an additional $20 Young Living credit, to use on other products! (if you sign up for Essential Rewards when ordering your kit)

I will also include some of the best educational resources! This is what I was missing when I first started using oils.

With the guides and cheat sheets I will send you, along with an invitation to join our Facebook community, you’ll have thee best starting point for using oils and all the information you need to incorporate them into your lifestyle!

Only available until November 30th at midnight!

So, What Do You Get
For Black Friday?

So, What Do You Get
For Black Friday?

1. Young Living Premium Starter Kit

First off, obviously you get everything that comes in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to get started with essential oils. You’ll get 12 bottles of the highest quality essential oils and a diffuser of your choice! (details below)

2. BONUS – $20 Back*

This week only, when you order your Young Living Premium Starter Kit using the link on this page, I will also send you $20 back after your order is placed! Yay Holiday Season!!

3. BONUS – $20 Young Living Credit

When you order your Starter Kit and sign up for Essential Rewards (optional loyalty program), you’ll also be rewarded with an immediate $20 credit to spend on additional Young Living products.

This credit (also called Essential Rewards Points) are earned back on every monthly order while in the program, meaning you can regularly get free product. But this monthly only, you’ll get credit back on your Starter Kit order!!
More details below.

4. BONUS – Blue Tansy Face Serum

HELLO healthy glow! This incredible face serum (made by me) combines 4 special oils for the healthiest looking skin. Blue Tansy is a very rare oil with incredible skin supporting properties and a deep blue hue (along with a beautiful aroma).

Since Blue Tansy is an anti-inflammatory it can help reduce the appearance of redness and helps repair irritated skin and blemishes. It naturally helps calm the skin without drying it so its great for sensitive skin.

5. BONUS – Essential Oils 101

When I first got essential oils, I felt stuck. I didn’t really know anything about them or how to use them, so I barely touched them.
So when you order your kit this week, I’ll also be sending you our PDF, Essential Oils 101.
It’s short, sweet and full of all the information you need about what essential oils are, what they can do for you and your home, and how to use them safely and effectively.

6. BONUS – Starter Kit Cheat Sheet

You’ll also get our digital cheat sheet which comes with a TON of diffuser blends and roller blend recipes that you can make using the essential oils that come in the Starter Kit. This will save you a bunch of time and give you all the ideas for using oils in your everyday life.

7. BONUS – Access To Our Facebook Community

On top of that, I will also personally invite you to our Facebook group, full of incredibly helpful, knowledgeable people who love using oils and finding creative ways to incorporate them into their lives.

It’s FULL of information, ideas, recipes, inspiration and so much more. All the questions you may have that weren’t answered in our guide and cheat sheet will definitely be in this group. Having a group like this is honestly ALL the difference when it comes to moving towards a more natural lifestyle.

And Here’s What Comes In The Young Living Starter Kit

How To Order Your Kit and
Receive Your Bonuses

Just follow these quick steps to get your kit AND your free bonuses!

1. Head to the website

Click here to head to the Young Living website:

2. Choose your membership

Make sure to join as a “Member.”
There aren’t any minimum purchase requirements and no obligations to sell. Make sure to choose YOUR country and language, and make sure the Sponsor # is 17879466


3. Confirm the invitation

Ensure the popup confirmation says “Kelsey Jaeger… welcomes you to Young Living.”
(So you join my team and I can send you your bonus!)


4. Choose your kit

Now choose your Starter Kit. The kit itself is the same, but you get to choose which diffuser you would like. I’m a fan of the Desert Mist diffuser.

I also love the Aria diffuser (and use it daily), but it does cost more than the other 2 options.

5. Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is the loyalty program (that changes your life) that earns you free oils every 3 months (during the first year) AND earns you points back on every single order! You can use points for almost any product.

To get the FREE bottle of Orange oil, use your Starter Kit as your first month’s ER order, and select a bundle or individual products in order to setup your second months order (you can change this at any point later, so don’t worry about what you choose just yet. You can also cancel at anytime)


6. Add additional products

You can “Add More Products” if you want. Otherwise, you can just finish up the Starter Kit purchase by clicking “Next!”


7. Create your account

Now add your shipping and account information to log into the website. For comission processing, just choose “Individual without social security number.”

All this is saying is how you want to receive your commissions if you were to refer your anyone to Young Living (Hollaa!) This does NOT mean you are signing up to do the business 🙂


8. Confirm and finish

Then just finish the check out process! Congrats, your super awesome kit is on the way!


9. Claim your gifts!

Woo!! As soon as you finish placing your order, send me a message either on Instagram or email me
to let me know you got your kit. This way, I can send you some awesome bonuses right away!
(replace the [at] with the @ symbol)

Just say, “I ordered my kit!”

Or, “I ordered my kit and signed up for Essential Rewards!”

And I’ll send everything right away!

Receiving Your Bonuses

To receive all of the bonuses listed above, simply click the button to be taken to the ordering page. Follow the quick steps to set up your Starter Kit order.

To order a Starter Kit, you will also become a member with Young Living. Membership is free! You’ll also get forever access to their wholesale pricing on all your future orders, which is 24% off retail.

You will then be able to order individual items, rather than bundles or kits. Once you place your order and become a member, simply send me an email saying “I got my kit!” along with your name to hello.mamajaeger[at]
(replace the brackets and the word “at” with the @ symbol)

Then I’ll send you everything!

$20 Young Living Credit and Essential Rewards

In order to receive the additional $20 Young Living credit, you just need to signup for Essential Rewards, which is the incredible loyalty program that Young Living offers.

While in the program, you’ll earn a free bottle of oil every 3 months of your membership (for the first year) AND points back on every purchase, which you can use to get more FREE products. It’s honestly a really good deal.

All you need to do is spend at least $50 each month (no membership fees, just buying product). You set your order up 1 month in advance, and it gets placed automatically on your renewal date.

  1. During the signup process, you’ll check a box saying that “You want to join Essential Rewards.”
  2. You then have the option to use your Starter Kit as your first month’s order (which is what I would do).
  3. Then, you just have to set up your order for the next month (you won’t be charged for it until next month). Just add $50 worth of product, or select one of the premade bundles.

Don’t worry, you have 30 days to change this order before it processes, so for now, just choose something 😉
You can change it as many times as you want. I’ll send over a list of products I recomend as well!

And if you signup for Essential Rewards when you order a kit, just include that in your email to me. Just send,
“I ordered my kit and joined ER!” to hello.mamajaeger[at] or message me on Instagram – @mama.jaeger, and I’ll send everything to you!
(replace the brackets and the word “at” with the @ symbol)

Get Your Black Friday Starter Kit Deal Now!

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