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5 Most Beautiful Diffusers For Essential Oils

By May 26, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments
2 of the beautiful diffusers

For some people, diffusers for essential oils are an afterthought. They simply want to enjoy the aroma of oils in their home, and don’t care what it looks like.

But for others, we only want the most beautiful diffusers that won’t clash with the design and decor of our home!

Luckily, there are a ton of intentionally designed diffusers for those of us who are a little more picky.

Here’s the top 5 diffusers that we think are set apart from the pack (and no, they aren’t all expensive) and add to the beauty of your home!

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Our Favorite Diffusers For Essential Oils

5 – Urpower Diffuser

(Ignore the blue image, I think it looks better when you don’t use a color setting)

This simple Urpower diffuser is minimal and beautiful. I prefer not using a light setting, so that it stays all white. It fits seamlessly into any room of the house and feels clean and elegant.

It’s perfect for keeping in the bedroom or bathroom (especially for me since these rooms are all white in my house).

Sometimes the simple designs can be the most beautiful. It’s a great diffuser for those just starting out with essential oils, or for those who already have a diffuser and want an extra one.

This diffuser is extremely affordable as well. If you do like to turn on the light/color, it has 7 color options. Perfect for setting the tone in a dim or dark room.

It also has a capacity of 500 ml, which is more than most diffusers! That means less refilling and longer diffusing!

The diffuser has an easy to use timer setting to keep it running as long as you like, as well as an auto-shutoff function. You can also choose a spray intensity.

Get this diffuser here.

4 – Hathaspace Marble Diffuser

This elegant marble diffuser will help to create all the spa vibes in your home. I imagine using this in a large master bathroom while getting ready for my day, or unwinding in the bath at night.

It could also pair really well with a clean, white and grey kitchen, and may even match your countertops.

While some diffusers look kind of silly when using the LED lights and colors, it works really well with this diffuser. It doesn’t take away from the clean and classy feel of the diffuser, but rather adds to the spa like experience.

With 2 mist modes and 3 timer settings, this diffuser has the capacity to run for 12-18 hours.

Check out the marble diffuser here.

3 – Bibo Diffuser

This super minimal, and kind of cute diffuser is my husbands favorite. It’s unlike any other diffuser available!

With 3 natural wood legs and an eco-friendly bamboo fiber top, this diffuser was designed in Denmark (of course) with respect to nature and the minimalist, free spirit.

Bamboo was chosen as it is one of earth’s most renewable resources. I can get behind that!

Super clean, solid surface. A small hole for the vapor to come out. No words, just 2 buttons on the front. It has 4 timer settings and 2 mist modes for 10-20 hours of consistent diffusing.

The chosen settings are actually designed to project onto the surface from underneath the diffuser.

It’s perfect for keeping on your desk at home or work, keeping on your night stand, or anywhere else this adorable diffuser might fit.

Get the Bibo diffuser here.

2 – Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Want something that truly sets you apart? The Vitruvi Stone diffuser is handcrafted using ceramic stone. It has a matte finish for elegant display anywhere in your home.

This is the diffuser you will want to display in your living room, or wherever people will see it the most. It’s clean, it’s sophisticated and it’s top quality. It looks more like an intentional piece of decor than an oil diffuser.

It has an optional warm light that shows up in the small bar near the bottom of the diffuser. You can choose either a 3 hour or 7.5 hour timer interval. It also has a smaller water reservoir, only 100 ml (the other diffusers on this list are 200-500 ml), but makes up for it in aesthetic.

Get the Vitruvi diffuser here.

1 – Aria Diffuser by Young Living

The Aria diffuser is one of our favorite diffusers for essential oils (well, actually it’s our favorite ;).

Not just because it’s from Young Living, but because it’s simply beautiful!

With a glass dome that allows you to see all of the mist swirling around before it is released into your room, you’ll find yourself just staring at this for long periods of time.

The base made from American maple is solid! I’ve never felt a more stable diffuser (most are fragile and plastic).

The light options are beautiful with this diffuser as they illuminate the mist inside the dome for a mesmerizing experience.

It also comes with optional sound effects and even music. Or you can plug in your own music to play through the it’s built-in speaker.

All of this can be controlled by the matching wood remote. It has 8 buttons for easily setting up the diffuser how you want. It can run up to 12 hours at a time.

Here’s all the reasons why we love the Aria Diffuser.

The best way to get an Aria diffuser is by becoming a Young Living member. You can purchase it without being a member, but it’s more expensive (about $300).

Becoming a member is free, but you need to purchase a starter kit. The Starter Kit with the Aria diffuser is only about $260 which is an infinitely better deal than buying the diffuser alone!

Click here to learn about Young Living wholesale membership.

Otherwise, if you are already a member, you can simply purchase the diffuser through your Young Living account (I still recommend getting it with the Starter Kit, as it’s only $30 more than the diffuser by itself, and you get 12 bottles of oils).

Diffuser Blends For Your Gorgeous New Diffuser

Happy Diffusing

I hope you realize that you don’t have to settle for an ugly diffuser. There are beautiful, elegant diffusers for essential oils available at any price point. These are just a few of our favorites.

I wish I could collect all of the diffusers!

I do plan to eventually have one in every room of the house, which will allow me to try out quite a few. It certainly gets annoying to move diffusers constantly, to whichever room you are in at the moment.

Have questions about diffusers, or becoming a Young Living member? Ask away!

Send me a message on Instagram 🙂


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