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Why The Aria Diffuser Is The Best Thing Ever

By June 5, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

Hands down, the Aria diffuser is the most beautiful, elegant and high quality diffuser I’ve ever used.

And I’ve used quite a few so far!

Young Living has definitely crafted the best diffuser and I am so happy to have it in my home.

If you are interested in getting the Young Living Aria diffuser for your home, read on to see why I love it and what’s the best way to get one!

Why The Aria Diffuser Is Awesome

First off, can we all agree that this diffuser is just gorgeous?

With the wood base and the glass dome one top, we get to see the aromatic mist swirl around inside before it is pushed out of the hole and into the air.

You’ll find yourself staring at the diffuser a lot!

Especially when you turn the light on. With the light on inside the dome, it illuminates the swirling mist for a truly mesmerizing experience.

If this were next to the television in a dimly lit room, I would probably stare more at the diffuser than the TV without even realizing it.

It’s kind of like a bonfire. No matter how long you stare at it, it doesn’t get old. You get locked in, contemplating life.

Aside from the appearance, I really appreciate the size of this diffuser. With many, many diffusers that you might buy online, you think they are quite big, until you open it up and realize how tiny the diffuser is.

The Aria Ultrasonic diffuser is actually big! Not obnoxiously big, but it’s a big enough to not feel like you are getting ripped off.

Plus, it’s extremely sturdy and well built.

Most plastic diffusers feel insanely cheap and delicate. Not so with the Aria. It’s stable, the base is made with real wood and the glass is thick.

Overall, this looks and feels like the highest quality diffuser I have ever experienced.

How Does The Aria Diffuser Work?

Because this is an ultrasonic (or humidifying) diffuser, it functions much the same as any water based diffuser.

Take the top off (in this case, the glass dome), pour water into the bowl, up to the fill line, and add a few drops of oils.

Then, place the dome back on top. You use the included remote to turn the diffuser on.

You can choose to use a light, choose a timer setting, choose to have sound effects or even music.

Then, just let it run. This fills our [quite large] kitchen with aroma very effectively.

The Diffuser Specs

The Aria oil diffuser is made from high quality materials. The base is made from American maple wood. The dome is glass, not plastic.

It comes with a matching wood remote that allows you to control all of the settings. There are a larger number of settings than most diffusers, which is pretty nice.

With it you can control sound effects and music, lights, timer. You need to use it in order to turn the diffuser on.

I’m a fan of the water sound effects that make it sound like there is a little more splashing and dripping going on inside. It’s quite peaceful.

The water reservoir holds 260 ml. This isn’t huge, as there are other diffusers that have up to 500 ml reservoirs. But this is a good medium sized reservoir. On the right setting, this can last up to 12 hours.

How To Get The Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

There are technically 4 different ways to get an Aria essential oil diffuser, all of which happen on their website. It depends on whether you are a member or not.

If you are not yet a Young Living member, you can either

  1. Buy the diffuser by itself at retail cost for about $300
  2. Buy a Premium Starter Kit with the Aria diffuser and become a member for $265

If you are a member already, you can either:

  1. Buy the diffuser by itself at wholesale cost for about $230
  2. Buy the Premium Starter Kit with the Aria diffuser for about $260

Not A Young Living Member Yet

So if you are not a Young Living member but are interested in getting the Aria, it makes so much sense to buy the Aria diffuser kit, since it’s cheaper AND you get 12 bottles of essential oils, among some other Young Living goodies.

Once you buy the Starter Kit and become a member, there are no membership fees or minimum spend requirements. Being a member is free! Plus you will always get 24% off the retail cost on everything.

To get the Aria Starter Kit and become a member, Just click this button and complete the signup process to get your kit and diffuser!

Already A Young Living Member

If you are already a Young Living member, you just have to decide between getting the diffuser by itself for $230, or paying the extra $30 to get 12 bottles of essential oils that are worth wayyyyy more than $30.

So it definitely makes more sense to just buy the Starter Kit, even if you already have the oils that come in the Starter Kit. It’s like buying 2 bottles of oils and getting 10 free!

To be honest, I bought the diffuser by itself but wished I just spent the extra $30 to get the kit.

Why I Got The Aria (And Why You Should Consider It)

I finally got to the point where I was using oils regularly. Essential oils are now a foundational part of my everyday life.

This didn’t happen right away. It took some time.

But now I can’t imagine life without them!

So for me, getting the Aria wasn’t an impulse decision (it was actually a gift from my husband xoxo).

But he decided that it was time to get the Aria after seeing the benefits of oils in our life and knowing that this wasn’t a fad, but it was a lifestyle. It was a commitment to living as naturally and healthily as possible.

It was a sign of committing to a future focused on wellness, not just with oils, but in every area of our life.

So we (mainly my husband) felt great about getting the diffuser. We use it everyday. It’s beautiful. It’s top quality (we are trying to have less things that are higher quality, instead of more things that are lower quality).

It’s also a piece of decor in our home.

We are super happy to have it.

I definitely recommend getting one at some point in your life. They are definitely the best as far as diffusers are concerned.

When you ‘get into something’ or are super passionate about something, it’s expected that you would invest in getting the best tools, resources, accessories to make participating in ‘that thing’ more enjoyable.

That’s exactly what we did! Oils and wellness is our thing. The Aria is perfect for us.

Have any questions about the Aria diffuser, or about becoming a member?

I would love to hear from you! Send me a message on Instagram 🙂


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