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Anthropologie Candle Diffuser Blend

By April 26, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments
make your home smell like anthropologie

Have you ever walked into Anthropologie just to breathe?

Because if you did, it’s not weird. They have an amazing candle called Capri Blue Volcano that they use in all of their stores. It’s their signature scent.

And if you are an essential oil lover, you can make a diffuser blend that smells just like it to use every. Freaking. Day.

The best part is, since it’s essential oils, the scent is actually good for you!

Ready to make your home smell as amazing as an Anthropologie candle? Just make mix up this Anthropologie diffuser blend.

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Anthropologie Candle Diffuser Recipe

To make the Anthropologie volcano candle scent with oils, just add the following oils to your diffuser.

4 drops Grapefruit
4 drops Orange or Tangerine
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

That’s it. Just be careful. You might end up using this blend everyday for the rest of your life.

Get An Anthropologie Diffuser

You can also pick up an Anthropologie diffuser to go with that. Here are 2 that you can get from their site, or next time you are in the store:

They offer a few different types of diffusers. I personally prefer ultrasonic ones the best (the ones you fill with water).

They are super easy to use, great for both beginners and oil experts, and vary widely in design.

See some of our other favorite ultrasonic diffusers here.

Anthropologie has a lot of reed diffusers (the bottles with sticks coming out of the top). These are super cute, but tend to be weaker. While you might still smell the oils, it won’t be quite strong enough to affect your body in positive ways.

They might be great for a casual oil user, or to use in a bathroom or at your office (since it won’t affect others as much).

If you give the diffuser blend a try, let me know what you think! Or let me know if you have any other essential oil hacks you love by sending me a message on Instagram!


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