Favorite Essential Oil Tools And Accessories

Here are some of the essential oil tools that you can use to make it easier and more fun to use essential oils at home 🙂

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Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Easily the most necessary essential oil accessory. Make bottles for quick and easy application on the skin.

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Essential Oil Spray Bottles

The large spray bottles are perfect for cleaners or linen fresheners. The small spray bottles are great for hair spray.

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Essential Oil Pump Bottles

Use these for your carrier oils or DIY lotions, creams and massage oils.

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Glass Cosmetic Jars

For thicker mixtures, such as a body rub, store in these so that you fingers can fit inside them.

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Empty Essential Oil Bottles

It’s always nice to have extra bottles around, especially if you want to split a larger bottle into smaller ones.

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Essential Oil Sample Bottles

Perfect for giving samples to friends, family and coworkers.

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Oil Droppers

Drip oils the safe [and smart] way. Perfect for adding oils to tiny veggie capsules.

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Use these when making blends and other DIY products for quick and safe mixing.

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Oil Bottle Opener Tool

This tool is life changing and will help remove whatever top your bottle currently has on it.

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Wool Dryer Balls

Dry your laundry quicker and replace dryer sheets by using these. Add a few drops of oils for added freshness.

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Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap

Use this natural soap as a base for cleaners, soaps, and other DIY products.

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Unrefined Shea Butter

Perfect for making your own scrubs, shea butter does wonders to the skin.

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Fractionated Coconut Oil

The most popular carrier oil, this liquid form of coconut oil is almost perfect for any use.

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Unrefined Coconut Oil

Use a solid, unrefined coconut oil for scrubs and creams.

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Jojoba Oil

The best oil for your skin, jojoba closely mimics the oils of your skin for excellent use on face and body.

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Argan Oil

A rare and powerful carrier oil that will take great care of your hair.

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Sweet Almond Oil

One of the most cost effective carrier oils that also has a ton of uses.

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Minimal Diffuser

One of our favorite diffusers. It goes well in almost any room and is the perfect size. It’s normally all white, but has 7 different colored lights.

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Vitruvi Ceramic Diffuser

This gorgeous diffuser is high quality and high class. Keep things elegant with this handmade, ceramic diffuser.

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Car Diffuser

Breathe in all those wonderful oils while driving to make the most of your commute. Super easy to use.

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Epsom Salt for Detox Baths

Use Epsom salts, along with some essential oils, for a deeply relaxing, detoxing, and cleansing bath.

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Spray Bottles for DIY Perfume

These small spray bottles are perfect for your essential oil perfumes or cologne.

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This is a collection of things we love and find useful as a family. This page may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you buy something through one of our links, we’ll earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.