Our Story

Hi there! My name is Kelsey, and I’m so thankful you found your way here! We are a little family of 3 with lots of dreams and ideas and are just doing our best most days. I’m a straight forward Enneagram 9 and you can catch me being cozy 24/7, loving every moment with my family, creating a home out of what we’ve got, and trying to be the best mama I can be.
Justin, my husband of 5 years, is a dreamer as they come. He is always scheming up new ideas, reads 10 books at a time, and can’t stay in one place very long without itching for something new. We are almost as opposite as they come, but are learning and loving to see what we have as something really special and becoming something beautiful.
Our 3 year old, Luca G, is the absolute best. You can catch him constantly saying his Abc’s and always eating his pizza upside down. We are on a journey with Foster care and saying yes to what God has for us. Thank you so much for being here!