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Essential Oils And Wellness

8 Things My Husband Loves About Essential Oils

By May 28, 2019 August 31st, 2019 No Comments

I’ll be honest, it took my husband quite a while to come around to essential oils.

Almost 3 years to be exact.


They just seemed weird to him. He had no interest in natural remedies and what oils could do for him and for us.

But eventually he came around!

Eventually he saw that there was more to oils than hype or wishful thinking.

He began using oils, did his own reading and research, and found out that essential oils actually are quite remarkable.

He uses oils daily, on his own now! It makes my heart so proud.

Not just because he is interested in something that’s important to me, but because he cares just as much about our health and wellness, and living a toxin free life as I do!

So here are some of the things he loves about oils. Handing it over to you, babe!

8 Things My Husband Loves About Essential Oils

It definitely seems like men are generally less interested in essential oils. Most guys I know have never used essential oils or given them a second thought.

But hey, I was that guy not too long ago! And look at me now 😉

I just wanted to share a few reasons why I love and enjoy using essential oils now. Maybe this will help a few other people consider giving them a shot!

1 – Energy and Motivation

I love diffusing oils that can help boost energy, wake you up up and make you more alert. Since I’m naturally a morning person, my energy and ability to focus are completely gone in the afternoon and evening.

But I do a lot of my work during those times.

While I’m a big coffee fan, I try not to drink any in the afternoon or at night, as I don’t want to mess with my ability to fall asleep.

But I’ve started diffusing different oils at these times, and honestly it’s helped A LOT. Oils like peppermint or lemon are naturally uplifting and stimulating.

It keeps me powering through my inbox long into the evening, when normally my brain would’ve shut off already.

2 – Remove Stale, Musty Odors From The House

Since I work at home, I spend a lot of time in our home office. 

Our house was built in the 60’s and much of it hasn’t been updated since then, so there is often a stale odor that often comes with old homes.

But I have been diffusing oils in here daily for some time now. Not only does it smell fresh and pleasant while diffusing, but it smells good ALL THE TIME now.

I come into the office in the morning, or after a day or 2 of not working, and it still smells like essential oils. It has replaced the permanent old, stale odor that I had to put up with each day with a fresh, lively aroma of patchouli and tea tree.

It’s pretty cool.

3 – Sleeping In Luxury

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve never really had trouble sleeping. Kelsey hates it. I lay in bed and 30 seconds later, I’m asleep. (I’m not a good pillow talker)

So I don’t necessarily use oils to help me fall sleep or relax my mind. Kelsey is the exact opposite. But I DO appreciate when we diffuse oils in the bedroom before we go to sleep.


Because it creates such a peaceful, luxurious atmosphere. Again, our house isn’t necessarily our dream home (yet.)   Our bedroom isn’t the beautiful, safe haven that we dream of having.

But diffusing oils in there helps me forget how messy and cluttered (toddlers and babies) the room is and makes me feel like I’m on the top floor of a 5 star hotel, overlooking the ocean. (for real)

4 – Natural Cleaning

I’ve always been the cleanest person I know. And I’ve always been the house cleaner in my family, since I was about 12 years old. No one else can clean properly, for some weird reason…

So I’m very used to using chemical based cleaners in tiny bathrooms and giving myself a headache while I clean.

I know they are terrible for you, but that’s just what you do, right?

Not anymore!

Now that we use Young Living oils, we also get their Thieves Household Cleaner and have literally replaced our entire cleaning closet of chemicals with Thieves Cleaners.

All natural, essential oil based. It makes for great breathing and cleaning!

So not only has cleaning become much healthier, and quite frankly more fun, it encourages Kelsey to clean more since she loves using Thieves as well!

So that’s pretty amazing too 😉

Seriously, everyone should be using Thieves Cleaner.

On top of how well it cleans and the fact that it’s all natural and safe, it’s super cost effective! Up front, you might wonder how a $20 bottle of cleaner is cost effective, but it’s ultra concentrated.

So you use a little bit to make an entire spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner (or any other cleaner). We have a 14 oz bottle we bought 5 months ago, and we aren’t even halfway through yet.

It will likely last us an entire year. Nice.

5 – Other Natural Products

As I have started getting more into essential oils, reading about how they benefit us and how they can help us live cleaner lives, I also started to realize that the products I use daily in my life might be hurting more than helping.

I love Young Living for this, because they have created so many different types of products using essential oils and other natural ingredients.

2 products I was able to replace super easily (and have not looked back) are toothpaste and bar soap, for the shower.

I love the Thieves toothpaste. It was kind of weird the first 2 times using it, but after that I loved it and don’t plan on going back to the big brands.

I also use Valor bar soap instead of Dove soap now, and my skin feels so much better. It uses a handful of different essential oils, along with olive oil, oat bran and other natural ingredients.

Kelsey is always surprised at how soft my hands are after getting out of the shower. I don’t feel dry and uncomfortable anymore, like I used to with traditional bar soap.

6 – Shower Steaming

Another way that showering has become much more enjoyable is by adding a drop or 2 of essential oil to the tub. The steam and oil fill the bathroom with the aroma pretty heavily, making for a much more relaxing shower.

I usually add either peppermint, orange or Raven. Raven is perfect when you feel you are starting to get a cold, as it helps with healthy breathing and supports your respiratory system.

It also creates a feeling of luxury. Again, our bathroom is one of the worst, outdated rooms in our house. We’ve done our best to make it decent, but honestly it needs to be ripped out and rebuilt from scratch.

But since we can’t do that yet, steaming oils in the shower helps create that feeling of luxury, of being somewhere else, and helps me to forget about the [nasty] bathroom I am currently in 😉

7 – Creating My Own Diffuser Blends

Another thing I love about oils is how creative you get to be with it! I love experimenting with different diffuser blends.

Some that I come up with are awesome. Others, not so much! I’ve found it to be similar to coffee (I worked in coffee for a long time).

When you are blending different coffees together, you are looking for balance. You want the coffees to compliment each other in the final cup.

Your goal is to balance body, sweetness, acidity and flavor. I think it’s pretty similar with essential oils.

I have found that it’s best when I add a heavier, grounding oil such as cedarwood of northern lights black spruce. Then I add an oil for sweetness and ‘flavor’, such as patchouli or bergamot. Then to top it off, I add something to give it some zest, some brightness, such as lime or peppermint.

It’s super fun to experiment, and I feel quite proud when I come up with something that both I and Kelsey enjoy.

8 – Learning The History, Geography And Nuances Of Each Oil

With over 90 essential oils that you could use, there is a never ending amount of information you could learn.

And while many people don’t necessarily care about where each oil comes from, how it’s processed and how it’s been used for the last thousand years, I think it’s fascinating.

Essential oils have now become a hobby for me (again, very similar to coffee), where learning and researching is fun!

Every oil has a story. It comes from a specific part of the world. And it’s used to support and benefit you in specific ways.

For example, Kelsey uses Frankincense daily on her face, as it has amazing skin supporting properties.

Historically, this oil is known as the ‘Holy Anointing Oil’ and has been used for thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Israelites and more.

This oil, produced in countries such as Somalia and Oman (a country I would love to visit) is rich with history and can be used in so many different ways.

Learning this kind of information gives me a deeper connection with the oils.

Essential Oils = Happy Man

So there you have it! These are just a handful of reasons I love essential oils. There are a bunch more!

Oils are not just for women. I think they have a place in every home and family. I’m honestly quite sad we spent the first few years of our marriage without oils!

Anyways, I hope this can help encourage other guys to start using essential oils. They aren’t weird. They’ve been around for thousands of years.

That synthetic fragrance you use everyday? That’s weird 😉

Give oils a try! You won’t be sad you did. And if you want to learn more, sign up for the free email course that will give you all the information you need before getting started

Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to be medical advice. Suggestions here are specific to Young Living and should not be combined with oils from other sources. Examples and experiences do not guarantee similar results. Read our full disclaimer here


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