a mini bathroom reno

a mini bathroom reno

A lot of people don’t know this but for the past several months we have been renovating our basement into a separate “unit” that we are now renting out to some wonderful people. It has taken almost every bit of our free time to complete it and now it is pretty much officially done, now leaving me a bit more time to focus on our actual living space! I started with our bathroom on the main floor that needed some major lovin’ and just thought I’d share a few before and after pics because it’s fun 😉 I tried to do this as cheap as possible because again I love trying to think of ways to NOT spend a million dollars on things because we just plain ole don’t have that money right now.

Here are a few before pics! 

So I mainly just took tile down, laid some new tile on wall and floors, and did some new paint on the walls and vanity! Justin helped with some of the minor things but for the most part I did a lot of it just by myself and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I would have never thought I would get so comfortable with tiling things, but it’s something I have done a lot of at our place and actually kind of like!

Here are some afters!

I used the color Deep Oynx on these walls from Glidden and it turned out to be a little darker then I was expecting. I was hoping for a more “charcoal feeling” if ya know what I mean but this will do for now!




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  • I love what you have done with your bathroom, very timeless. Great choices, I especially love the flooring and it’s tiny details. I hope you have a pleasant time remodeling your own modern farmhouse (is that what you are going for?)

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