Why second-hand is good for the world

Why second-hand is good for the world

I started thrifting back when I was in high school because it was the cool thing to do and was fun to go with friends and escape the world for a bit. Now for the past 10 years (can’t believe high school was already almost 10 years ago..) buying second hand has become very much a part of how my husband and I purchase things for our little family.

It wasn’t until more recently that I have understood the actual impact of second-hand buying. As a teenager it was a very mindless thing and really just something fun to do, however this has shifted into much more of a lifestyle for us. I know this type of shopping has become SO much more popular over the years, however I hear more often than you would think of people who still haven’t adapted to this type of purchasing lifestyle and probably because they don’t know just how easy and convenient it really is. There are three categories I am mindful of when I am buying second-hand and when done by anyone-really can have a major impact on our world. Here we go:


Environmental Impact.

Re-using products reduces pollution and waste.  There are so many benefits that buying second hand has on our environment. There is so much talk about going “Green” and saving our planet and I would suggest that buying second hand is one of the greatest ways to do this. It’s an amazing thing to be able to buy something that is already manufactured then having to go buy new items which in the big picture is creating more waste, pollution, energy, etc, you get the picture. There is SO much information about this that I am not going to get into at this time but can easily be researched if you are looking for more info. There’s articles and article that if you have time to read totally should. Of course there are somethings we should never buy used, however the list of things that we can is much larger.


Local Impact.

Buying from your local second hand and thrift stores keeps your money in the neighborhood. Thrift stores like Goodwill, or Salvation Army donate back into your local community programming. These stores not only hire for their retail spaces but also in their donation processing locations. The money raised from sales goes directly back to the wages and community programming associated with the various organizations. Smaller local thrift stores always have an organization that they are benefitting. You can see right where your money is going!


Personal Impact.

Quite simply: used products are less expensive. You can most likely expect to find products 50-90% cheaper than if you were to buy them brand new from another store. I don’t know about you, but we aren’t raking in the dough all the time and buying used products is a major help to our bank account. While this is quite obvious, it just NEVER hurts to check out a few of your local thrift stores before heading off to a major department store for that one of a kind gift, outfit, household item, etc. I have found a lot of the time, especially pertaining to clothing, that when buying second hand, I end up buying BETTER quality garments then if I were to snag something from Forever 21 or Old Navy, which lets be honest a lot of the time aren’t the most durable items. (Don’t get me wrong I still love my runs from these stores, however I think people assume that clothing from thrift stores are a little on the dirty side, however I have found some of my favorite pieces from these little nooks.)


Thrifting is simply a great way to save (a lot) of money, support people who are making a difference and to help make our planet last a little longer.

What about you? What are your favorite reasons to buy second hand? Is it simply to find unique items that no one else can get? Or is there some deeper reason? Let me know down below!




2 thoughts on “Why second-hand is good for the world”

  • Hi! I love this post and the detail you give about how “recycling” certain things can really make a difference!
    I search for second- hand items when I’m looking for home decor especially. Things like flower vases, picture frames, bookshelves, etc. Personally, I simply enjoy finding little pieces that maybe no one else will have. Plus there are some really wonderful finds out there, especially antiques!
    Again, I really enjoyed this post!

  • I love thrifting, so much that i am opening my small online shop, gathering vintage to modern goods. I have always felt this rush whenever I find treasures, the knowing that is a unique pieces, or the history it holds. Like you I always thrifted just because, no reason behind it. But now I am more mindful, buying second hand gives our mother earth a chance for survival. Buying something that is already made, not having to use the resources that are clearly done for. Excellent post!

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