Simple homemade stain remover

Simple homemade stain remover

Soo I’m obsessed with this. A friend told me about this little concoction about a month ago and I’ve used it on so many things and, it. works. Like, really works. Lets just say that I spilled an entire glass of red wine on my cream couch cover and sprayed this all over it and the next morning it was all literally gone. It’s so easy- here’s there deets!


3 parts peroxide


1 part Dawn


I told you it was easy!

Spray it and let it sit for a while and you can honestly just sit watch whatever stain you have disappear.

Now go get cleaning!

Ps- I love using this on used pieces of furniture that I bring home that look a little rough and need a little spot cleaning. This will be your best friend for making things look new

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