Make, Gather, & Tend

Make, Gather, & Tend

For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with knowing what I am good at. What my dreams, goals, and actual true desires are, and what to do with the creativity inside me that most of the time I quite frankly didn’t know what to do with. Over the past couple years, and especially more so these last 6 months, I have really been examining and learning what I love, don’t love, and what to keep digging deep and dreaming up.

Home ownership has been a huge factor in realizing desires and creativity I never knew existed before. I’ve come to love home decor, home renovation, creating spaces for life to happen, and all the dirt and dust that comes along with it. In short this brings me to 3 different extensions of myself and our family that I have learned to love, and that I am still in the pursuit of growing in more everyday.



I love using my hands to create things. I love seeing a (not always perfect) end result to something I started. I find joy in creating things from objects that may not shout “beauty” when they first meet the eye. In this category you may find things I have made with my hands and that you can to! From candles to recipes. From home decor and renovation to homemade cleaning supplies. Chocolate to crafts. Let’s get a little messy 😉



My main purpose in this category is going into detail about how we as a family buy used. I love second hand, thrifting, hand-me-downs, you name it, we are incorporating that into our daily life. Sharing how buying used has helped our little family and how it ultimately is helping the world.



This category can go in many different directions. The definition I am going with here is

1. to attend to by work or services, care, etc.:
to tend a fire.
2. to look after; watch over and care for; minister to or wait on with service:
to tend the sick.
4. to attend by action, care, etc. (usually followed by to).
Verb phrases
5. tend on /upon, Archaic. to attend or wait upon; minister to; serve:

Summarized shortly, what areas of our life am I “tending” to at any particular season of life. This can be my family, friends, our home, travel, and so much more and in between. Whatever God is speaking to me about “tending to” at any given point in time. I want to care for and steward each gift that I have and would love to take you on the journey with me.


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