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Essential Oil Gifts That People Would Get Excited About

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Let’s be honest - if you are reading this, there is no better type of gift to get than essential oil gifts. If you love oils, you want more 😉 There’s always more oils to try and more ways to…

Our Favorite Fall Essential Oil Blends For Warm And Cozy Vibes

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It’s my favorite time of the year! It’s finally cooling down enough to wear my favorite clothes, to go outside without sweating, and to whip up some amazing fall essential oil blends. When it comes to the fall, there are…

The Top 20 Essential Oils To Add To Your Collection

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What if you had a collection of items that can help to keep you healthy, energized, focused, happy, and more? And what these items were all-natural and smelled amazing? These top 20 essential oils are exactly what you need if…

Why You Need Roller Bottles, How To Use Them And Our Favorite Kind

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For those getting started with essential oils, you’ll quickly realize that roller bottles are super important. They are the main way to apply oils to your skin in order to get those physical, emotional and mental benefits flowing! Here’s a…